U.S. Ladies [#26]: Bell, Boots, and Camel


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Ditto. Emmy certainly created a MOMENT with her expressive SP performance at 2019 Nationals and I'm very glad she got to experience the appreciative audience reaction in Detroit.

She didn't compete internationally last season (last comp. was 2018 Junior Worlds: http://www.isuresults.com/bios/isufs00102622.htm ) so, if all is in order, she could start representing TPE in 2019.
She got her release that quickly?


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I am glad to hopefully be able to see more of Emmy.

However, with her current jumping profile (only 3/2s), it will be hard to qualify for the free skate at Worlds / Olympics.


Not yet ready for club comp. season to be underway
Any word on who's going to be at Glacier Falls yet?
This club competition (Thursday, July 18 through Sunday, July 21) recently changed venues from their usual rink in Anaheim to Great Park Ice & FivePoint Arena in Irvine, California (as announced in the competition thread in the Kiss & Cry section): https://www.fsuniverse.net/forum/threads/2019-glacier-falls-summer-classic-venue-moved.105783/

For those who can't access the Kiss & Cry, some of the notable ladies registered for the competition include (SENIOR): Alysa Liu, Megan Wessenberg, Emmy Ma (listed as representing Academy at Mitchell Johansson Method here), Akari Nakahara, Heidi Munger, Gabriella Izzo, Audrey Shin, Emilia Murdock, Sarah Jung, Alyssa Rich, Paige Rydberg;
(JUNIOR): Alena Budko, Indi Cha, Emma Coppess, Caitlin Ha, Aubrey Ignacio, Amie Miyagi, Noelle Rosa, Ellen Slavicek, Kate Wang, Allison Zheng.
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Best of luck to the ladies. Audrey Shin recently had surgery after the Egna Spring Trophy and is on the mend, so I'm hoping that she's recovered fully or is at least healthy enough to jump and perform a Short and Long.


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Roughly some of the top scores this season (thanks for top 5, Sylvia!)- I am sure I missed some stuff but and my first draft ran away...feel free to correct. Looking forward to a new batch of scores from Glacier Falls!

Alysa Liu 214 Broadmoor
Hanna Harrell 182 Cannon
Karen Chen 171 Vail
E Gabriella Izzo 169 Lake Placid
M Alyssa Rich 151 Broadmoor (SP&QFS)
P Starr Andrews 149ish LA Open
E Sarah Jung 143 Broadmoor (SP+QFS)
E Jill Heiner 142 Cherry
P Brynne McIsaac 141 Broadmoor
M Amber Glenn, 140 Cannon TX
P Akari Nakahara 140 LA Open
E Kristine Levitina 139 Atlanta Open
P Emilia Murdock 138 Lake Placid
M Pooja Kalyan 136 Broadmoor (SP+QFS)
M Paige Rydberg 136 Broadmoor
M Maxine Bautista 135 Milwaukee
P Sierra Venetta 133 Broadmoor

TBD- Heidi Munger, Audrey Shin, Megan Wessenberg, Ting Cui, Courtney Hicks, Gracie Gold, Sonja Hilmer, Mariah Bell, Bradie Tennell

* = in ISP

*Jessica Lin 164 M Broadmoor
*Lindsay Thorngren 161 E NACS (Novice)
Elsa Cheng 158 M NACS (Novice)
Isabeau Levito 156 E Broadmoor (SP+QFS)
Finley Hawk 151 M Southport
Emma Coppess 149 P LA Open
Mia Kalin, 147 P CCIA
Noelle Rosa 146 P Broadmoor
*Isabelle Inthisone 144 M Southport
Indi Cha 141 E Colonial
Ellen Slavicek 139 P SoCal Open
Allison Zheng 139 P NACS (Novice)
Calista Choi 138 M NACS (Novice)
Tiffany Pennella 137 E Broadmoor
Alena Budko 136 P Broadmoor

TBD- *Aubrey Ignacio P, Laura Jacobsen E

Updated 7/17, thanks Sylvia and natsulian!
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I am unsure as to the credibility of this report, but I remember someone stating that Mia scored 90-something in her Free at the CCIA event and around 50 for a total of 140-something. Again, I’m not sure if it’s correct at all. Also, Mia’s TES is probably the highest of all the Junior ladies, but her PCS is the lowest. If she had the same PCS as someone like Lin or Thorngren, she probably would get 110+ in her Free.


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Cannon Texas Open Senior Ladies:
1. Hanna Harrell, 182.50
2. Amber Glenn, 140.92
3. Alyssa Rich, 133.92

Link --> https://www.skatelonestar.org/cannon-texas-open


Per "ice coverage" from GS:
  • Emma Coppress, 149.96 at Los Angeles Open
  • Akari Nakahari, 140.57 at Los Angeles Open
  • Mia Kalin, 147.04 at CCIA
Thanks to ice coverage from Golden Skate for more scores:
  • Calista Choi, 138.29
  • Elsa Cheng, 158.83 (NQS-Novice)

Link: https://www.goldenskate.com/forum/showthread.php?81121-2019-20-U-S-Ladies-Figure-Skating/page22


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Alysa Liu skated to her old Short from last season at Glacier Falls. Layout included a 3A, 3F, and 3Lz+3T<. I wonder if they’re ditching the new Short.

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