#TeamTrainwreck 14: "I Don't Care. #StillHere"


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'bout time we finally get to see them! what's the status?
I saw a video of a local comp (cant remeber where though) like a month ago. Nothing special but I guess the long term plan for Pavlov is to become a Top 12-16 pair and making it to the olys which is a higher chance than a top 26-30 singles and always missing the cut.
So classy! So elegant! So tasteful! I’m so disappointed!! :drama:

Honestly I didn't care for this program when I saw it last month, but I'm obsessed with it now. She really put everything into this performance. I didn't realize she could pull off graceful and angsty so well. :swoon:

If we get a Golden Spin team of Pogo, Perkova, and Radionova, I will buy a last minute airfare to Zagreb! (and go at least $2000 in debt).


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Insta stalking of today..

La Khokh in Verona I can only imagine what a Juliet costume would have been for her!
Radford showing his boyfriend the best of Canada I dont usually like when gay couples dress twin alike but they look cute.
Nice split from Javi 2.0 where's that confidence when he's skating???
Silver Forx with the cutest fan gift never change Sergei
Kitty in Fall photo session who cares about nationals if she has our boy.
Trusova obsessed with her pet taking it to competitions as coaching staff.
Guliakova wishin Ialin good luck another mating couple in the air??
Monko and husband living happily ever after
Caro throwing a huge flashback :swoon::swoon::swoon:

Do-Hard Bonus


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I honestly don’t see the “couple” factor about Stephane and Deniss. To me, they’ve always seemed like a father and son.
IINM, the proper terms are "dad" and "boi." :shuffle:

Beautiful skating, no quad, and skating to “Love is a B*tch”...what more can you ask for in a TTW skater?
Since you asked:

1) Skater needs a complete package to potentially be a top skater at Euros/4CC's/Worlds/Olympic level
2) Skater needs to have the ability to absolutely rock one day and splat the day after. Even better: rock and splat during one program
3) Skater is not afraid of breaking one's heart over and over again
4) Skater needs more splat/messy performances than great ones

1) Worlds/Olympic medalists and Euro/4CC's champions are not eligible
2) Multiple Euros/4CC's medal winners are not eligible
3) Membership and changes to the Rules and Qualities shall be decided by consensus among longstanding posters in the #TeamTrainwreck Threads, subject to points 1) and 2)
4) The pinky166 is not allowed to make more than one proposal a day
5) Proposals can be submitted in the #teamtrainwreck thread
6) New membership is granted only to current skaters
7) New membership is only granted to senior skaters (at least one international senior competition)
8) Membership can be cancelled due to points 1) and 2), numerous decent skates in a row or not being competitive on elite level anymore.

1) Being a student of Volchkova/Rukavicin
2) Big boobs/nice ass
3) Boobs/belly/nipples showing
4) Mule kick
5) Being Uzbek/Russian
6) last name called Schott
7) Bizarre off ice incidents
8) Coach
9) Costume (-Malfunction)
10) Splats
11) Bizarre Choreo
12) Hair


Brown does not meet the Criteria and is lacking in the Qualities Department, especially Quality #12. ✂
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