#TeamTrainwreck: POTS 2020/21 (Performance of the Season)

POTS 2020/21

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Frangi & Piazza & Paul & Hektor & Theo. Oh My! 😝
OK I’ve just about watched all the videos and I don’t know how this award cannot go to anybody but Hannah if Vincent’s not going to be included. That was a patron saint-like performance!!!! Oh my goodness splat after splat after splat after splat

And she doesn’t even learn from her mistakes you just keep making the same mistake over and over and over with the hands up in the air and then right onto her ass. I mean it’s epic and gorg.

Rhumba d’Amour

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I had to go with submitting the wrong music. She wins before she ever got on the ice.
But—wouldn’t it have been her team that submitted the music, not Marin herself? All she did was try to make lemonade, having been handed a lemon. Admirable, in its way.

I voted for Majorov, because his SP was quite good, and he got to rock and splat while getting everyone’s hopes up at his home Worlds. Also, he earns sympathy points for being massively overshadowed by his countrywoman, Josefin, breakout star of the event.

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