#TeamTrainwreck: Tursy-POTS 2020/21 (Most memorable K'n'C of the Season)

Tursy-POTS 2020/21

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Here are the nominees for Tursy-POTS 2020/21 (Most memorable K'n'C of the Season) in alphabetic order:

Unfortunately, for the first time ever in the :gallopin1 awards, a video got geoblocked for some regions :(
For those with problems, here are the options:
#1: Perfect memory.
#2: Original Video with proxy (Germany for example works fine).
Sorry for the circumstances.
#3: Geoblock-Edit without Tuktamysheva, Tarasova/Morozov/Trankov/Voronov can bei seen here:
Search for the remaining 2 not included for consideration.
All (not only #TeamTrainwreck posters) are invited to vote :40beers:

For the :gallopin1 awards we primarily took senior skaters into consideration or extraordinary material from junior skaters.
Only the key players of each K'n'C made it to the nominations list.

One vote for the best :encore::wall::eek::watch::drama::wuzrobbed:smokin: K'n'C of the season! Voting is up for 7 days! The vote cannot be changed later. Choose wisely!


Previous winners
2016/17: ---
Inspirational Tursy-Mama -performance for this award.
2017/18: Sondre Oddvoll Boe & Berit Steigedal, Coupe du Printemps, SP
2018/19: Zachary Donohue, Stefany Hanlen, Madison Hubbell & Patrice Lauzon, 4CC's, FD
2019/20: Dmitri Aliev & Evgeni Rukavitsin, European Figure Skating Championships, FS


Tursy-POTS Trivia
  • This has been an incredible year for Tursy-POTS. Shoutouts to all those not making the list, namely: Miner & Cat, Frolova, Hongo, Kaganovskaya/Angelopol/Krylova, Aymoz
  • This is the 2nd Tursy-POTS nomination for Kagiyama and Rukavitsin. Both were nominated 2020 (Rukavitsin won alongside Aliev)
  • Kagiyama and Rukavitsin are most nominated skaters in the Tursy-POTS category (tied with Oddvoll Boe / Steigedal). 2 nominations each.

Other #TeamTrainwreck Awards
MESS: running
MEEPOTS: running
POTS: coming April 22nd
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My sentimental favourite is Sokolovskaya: first the shock, followed by the sobbing and head shaking disbelief.
Clip is so short, but so good :love:


Ubering juniors against my will
Others are more dramatic, but I have to go with Liza just because her results and reaction made me so happy. Thanks for the geoblock edit -- I enjoyed watching the others even though I already knew who I was voting for! :D


Let the skating begin
Oh, man. I'm torn between Liza and Yuma. I don't know which one to pick.

I had to go with Liza. Yuma will have many more of those moments.
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Liza, hands down.

That was a very humble emotion from someone who didn't expect anything and simply worked hard, perceived her dream and accomplished after so many wrote her off. A true Statue of Liberty for the girls above the age of 20 (c).

But this is my favorite award of the season, so many great moments :love:


How long do we have to wait for GP assignments?
Is La Tuk's Tursy-POTS her Worlds FS?

And is Tarasova/Morozov & Co from Russian Nats?


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Emotions wise it's definitely Liza but puppy Bukin makes me cry from laughing every time I see that moment so it's a hard choice.


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This truncated clip hardly does them justice.

Here is the full clip: https://youtu.be/OW_mhEfNtro?t=433

One of the best KnC videos you will ever see, replete with self-congratulation, shameless humor, dancing baby, technical panel calculating scores, confusion, devastation, and Madison Chock somehow managing to steal the scene as well as the gold medal.

I rank it right up there with classic Laëtitia Hubert.
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How long do we have to wait for GP assignments?
Vladimir Morozov smiling! :wideeyes:

In my book, they're well behind Glenn, Kagiyama, and Tuktamysheva. 🤷‍♂️
I dunno... I think they're behind La Tuk but that good sportsmanship appearance by B/K is really heartwarming. My top 4 after La Tuk - in no particular order - T/M, Kagiyama, Yablokov (eating ice cream so nonchalantly is :rofl: ) and Chen (touching up the makeup - WTF, lol)


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That is a crazy hard call. I think I have to go with T/M over even Liza and Yuma b/c they have had such a tough few years. I really hope we are seeing them like that at the Olympics next year.


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Once again this is so hard...

On the one hand T/M's Nationals Moments was such a happy moment!
And Yuma's was so adorable I almost died.
Liza Tuk's is a long time fave and her tears of happiness are just :love:
Ivan B's face :laugh:

But Ilya's ice cream eating may in fact be the greatest KnC moment of all time and has made him an actual icon. So I dunno...


I might be able to find a non-geoblocked version.
The English commentary from Russia Channel one is not geoblocked.
Thanks for trying to help.

None of these clips are blocked for me either: but if I edit and want to upload, the video is marked as geoblocked or totally blocked.
I tried the spanish stream, the russian one, the german one, the russian one with english commentary, I even muted the sound and put the music there instead. Result is everytime the same.

I have no clue, what logic/reason is behind this, especially as Kondratiuk's nationals video works but Tarasova & Co not.

I guess it's just another episode of :gallopin1 madness! :D

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