#TeamTrainwreck 14: "I Don't Care. #StillHere"

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alchemy void

Post-its for the win.
You did get the memo, that McKay got the spot fair because of her Golden Bear score? :gallopin1

I totally missed it! :eek:

I do agree with your logic but Natasha finished ahead of Karly on total points as laid out in the selection criteria(2x nationals score plus seasons best at ISU event) Her seasons best was at golden bear 156.25 ...Karly's 156.93 at inge solar.So it was very close.The selection is for Europeans only so Karly may get her chance at worlds if Natasha does not perform well at Euros.

Sorry I didn't see this, @devotions! Thank you for the information. And even though I think Golden Spin scores were very inflated, in retrospect, this information makes me look a little bit foolish and dramatic. :drama::scream:
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