#TeamTrainwreck 23: Perky through the ages!

Mad for Skating

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@Mad for Skating is back!
Perfect timing for the news this week! :cheer:

Yes, I’m finally back! I was taking some crazy difficult classes this semester, so I had to take a little hiatus from the forums. (You’ll officially have to stop calling me a baby, Bossman. I am a high school graduate now!)

Anyhow, I missed you all! Life just isn’t the same without the constant chaos of Team Trainwreck!

Unfortunately, this wasn’t the news I was hoping to come back to...

PosterGirl isn’t one for nothing

That’s my wife! 😍


Seems like Samarin is in need of a track and field coach.
Now it’s getting interesting :watch:


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No question that Alysa is the one to send to Nebelhorn unless she's really struggling this summer. Even without a quad or 3axel if she just skates like she did at Nationals with just triples she will easily give the US ladies that 3rd spot plus Alysa is always a great competitor when it comes to pressure and i trust her more then Amber for instance. It will also be a great way to give her experience as a senior skater in an international competition.
Well with that analogy then no question send Amber Glenn!!

But I will be happy with either. I just adored Alysa last season. She was fantastic.
There is a reason why Amber Glenn is on Team Trainwreck and will be for the foreseeable future and why Alysa Liu almost certainly never will be.

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