#TeamTrainwreck 19: The Journey of a Thousand Miles Starts with a Single Splat

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Yikes, Rylov tripped in a transition into a bellysplat, Panfilova stood no chance, down too :gallopin1
She gave him a hard time afterwards. You gotta love them :love:
The bellysplat was a planned element?! :wideeyes:

1) Skater needs a complete package to potentially be a top skater at Euros/4CC's/Worlds/Olympic level
2) Skater needs to have the ability to absolutely rock one day and splat the day after. Even better: rock and splat during one program
3) Skater is not afraid of breaking one's heart over and over again
4) Skater needs more splat/messy performances than great ones

5) Being Uzbek/Russian
10) Splats
11) Bizarre Choreo



Shevchenko with dark hair. Well ended in 77,40pts RD. So I guess I have to accept :D


GP 🇨🇳 Ice Dance RD

C/S - very decent comapred to what we have seen in CHN dance host spots over the years.
G/Z - same for them
E/B - Well, he is hot and I thought that was decent. But the caller killed them. Bazin was so done with it in knc.
S/A - I really liked that, especially the money-swining-part by him :D I get Samarin-vibes of Aleshin; I leave it to you rto decide if that is a good or a bad thing :D
K/K - Thanks for bringing 'Dreamgirls' and 'One night only'. I still cannot believe they are married :rofl:
FB/S - I need them as CAN#1 immediately!
W/L - I really like them but I am no fan of their complete packaging this season.
S/K - I was so distracted by this awful tailored jacket for Nikita. Not to speak of the pants :scream:
C/B - No fan of this RD, it's all about the snake for the FD!
H/B - I just love this RD! 🕺

Shoutout to cameraguy/director; awesome stuff! :respec:
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GP 🇨🇳 Ladies SP

Zhu - No clue why CHN fed wanted her.
Chen - Nice dress and overall pleasant but very zzzh.
Choi - #notdabin :drama:
Craine - ComfyBalls would kill for that fringed bra.
Leung - I have such a soft spot for her, but that program is so shite.
Glenn - Well, I really like that SP on her.
You - Still KOR#6 to me.
Shcherbakova - I love the music and the concept but she is just too young to pull it off. Danny pissed face at the scores, loved it.
Honda - She is killing me; especially as the judges are still willing to hand her the PCS . Get it together girl! :drama:
Miyahara - Not the program I like for her, but who cares, she is exquisite and is pushing herself!
LaTuk - Let's admit, without the large caliber weapons and the sass this is pretty much :blah:
Samodurova - Puh I was happy for her, but very harsh on PCS.
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