#TeamTrainwreck 16: We do hard, not crazy!

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@Cherub721 has just translated an fantastic interview with La Tuk in the From Russia with Love thread. :glamor:

There are too many good parts to even list here.

I think she stays on the team even when she medals at Worlds again.

But the best news is she said she's definitely competing next season! :cheer:

She is a trip. "Buy a blouse for the soul" -- I love it. :lol: Thanks for translating!

Thread title alert! :rofl:
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Love that Oblasova is in the spotlight 😍 Did she ever pose in Playboy, like Cupcake?

At our last comp, my winning club friend had to leave before the victory ceremony to catch her plane. I still have her trophy. It says no.1 and is quite flashy and trashy. Maybe I should do a photo shoot with it. I also have one of those sheepskins....


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Watching Chris Reed play with his sleeping dog’s ear is my new hobby.


Not much happening this weekend.
Schott at random hungarian event @SamuraiK could not care less for :rofl:

Naurits and Selevko entered last minute.
Let's cross our fingers, one of them gets the FS minimum :drama:

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In other words Boss & Vice playing faves worse than Didier. :p

Unless they have the power to release Novoselov, forget it!

Wow, bossman, you’re so pretty!

Happy Valentine's Day here for all of you... Have a nice day of love and lots of sex with your special ones.. And for the singles.. enjoy a good night of watching skating videos!! :p:D:encore::40beers:

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I really like Yablokov, but what is it with all this weird choreo for her boys?

Clearly the programs are tailored towards the coach's taste as all her kids have similar choreography, whether it suits the skaters or not. I find that most of Mikhailov's clients prefer this style of choreo as most look just like Yablokov/Murashov. He tends to give better choreo to Danielian. You know TAT would not let him choreograph for Tsurskaya/Gubanova alone :lol:

Unpopular opinion: Liza’s Toxic is better than any sex could ever be.

What kind of sex you having if Liza's ex is better? (rhetorical question) :saint:
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