#TeamTrainwreck 16: We do hard, not crazy!

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At 25? She's a mere fledgling. Now get off my lawn, all you whippersnappers. *shakes cane in a threatening manner*
She's not old in general terms but I see we use "lovebird" as reserved for naive/virginal/first time teen lovers. Tarah already knows the heartbreak and how to get over it :D


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Mad for Skating

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But would he take you? :COP: ;) Indeed tho' Guillaume is cool, and he seems a very generous friend...
I’m afraid I’m just too girly for him, even with the pixie cut 😂

Ill :drama:
Noooo not the cute baby Susie cosplayers!

And he has he same coach as Pitkeev. I was never a fan of his but I will never forget his final skate :(
Please. Don’t break my heart like that. I lost ten years of my life every time he popped a jump in that program 😢

Those were the times, when the most secure way to go to worlds was finishing with pewter at nationals, knowing someone will be kicked off after euros anyway :D
Stasia for the World Team! #delusionalgirl

He’s a looker for sure! But every time I look at him, I’m more convinced than ever that he’s Zayn’s secret twin.

(But I’ll warn you, he’s got a bombshell of a girlfriend 😢)

IG is also giving us this. 🙈 Or 😍, I don't know.
I vote 😍 If you’re sexy, then flaunt it!

What the hell?
I did not put shirtless Ivan in here or pantie-Radford.
Why am I on this list? :eek:
*ahem* Samarin. Murashov. Aliev. Get. The. Picture.


Bossman's thoughts for the week:

Bavarian Open:
What will be more impressive? Bidar's chest or Bidar's comeback?
Who will win the hotness contets between Orzel, Jiri and Bidar?
Will Dimitrescu have a new shirt? (When even Fentz got one, so there is hope!)
Bockster international comeback 2.0
Leccardi & Marilu :watch:
Cotop getting minimums?
Finger losing to Turkkila? 🆘

Four Continents:
Elvis pulling a surprise medal?
Tomono hopefully destroying Tanaka, showing who should be sent to worlds :drama:
Sihyeong Lee knc party with Tursy's mum?
Mihara winning this shit is what I need! :drama:
JPN ladies sweep please!
Austmans battle for worlds minimums! :watch: (can someone enlighten me, has Mallet the minimums?)
Tursy bringing quad and mama going mental?
Lil'Empress/Rockstar comeback :love:
Leftovers with surprise gold to leave the train?
Kayne/O'Shea destroying C/LD please!
Only question is: when will Zach be Nikita Zach? Here or leaving it for worlds? :saint:🆘
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Leftovers with surprise gold to leave the train?
That would simplify things. Each one has a Four Continents medal, but they haven't earned any together.

On the other hand,

1) Skater needs a complete package to potentially be a top skater at Euros/4CC's/Worlds/Olympic level​
2) Skater needs to have the ability to absolutely rock one day and splat the day after. Even better: rock and splat during one program​
3) Skater is not afraid of breaking one's heart over and over again
4) Skater needs more splat/messy performances than great ones​
:watch: :gallopin1


#teamtrainwreck #teamjapan
I'm still in bed after three days🤒 and my brain is not functioning. 😵🆘 Please help! When should I tune in to Bavarian for S/S? There's Nordics starting tomorrow, and then 4CC. I need some assistance:gallopin1


#teamtrainwreck #teamjapan
And of course I want to see new Czeck pair(s)! Pairs start tomorrow, right?

Couldn't Dmitrescu get Fentz' old shirt? :EVILLE: Hope Paul is OK from Euros!

At 4CC my Larkyn needs to step up her game. We have Norwegian novice skaters with more content!

And Tanaka is hot, but I agree, Tomono is more enjoyable for Worlds. When Dai turned it down, le sigh...
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