#TeamTrainwreck 22: Every dark cloud has a pewter lining!


Let the skating begin
Talk about a burn..neither Paniot or Ma were listed as alternates to Worlds while Tomoki and Camden were. Not thst being 3rd slternate will get you to Sweden, but it means some funding.


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Not that I want the alternate to be needed but it is really a shame he has to wait so long since this is a year when the alternate is particularly important and will most likely travel with the team you'd think.


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It’s kind of weird Paniot would try to skate for the US when the competition is so much tougher and skating for Ukraine guarantees him a trip to the top events. But whatever makes him happy.

I haven’t read any of his interviews but what reason did he give for this move?


Boss final words on 🇺🇸 Champs

Took a while to finally catch up.

Overall. If I ever laughed and :rolleyes: about Russian Cup scores, I double this for judging here. I love how Johnny/Tara pointed out and disagree. Btw I was not annoyed much by them. I think they are not too liked as commentary, or? But skipping replays it was not bad tbh.

Frazier is hot.
So is Mitrofanov.
That's all about pairs.

Hallelujah. Meh. Sorry @Ka3sha @levineismine . Nice they are back bot the program is so so meh.
Snake. Momentum of program gone. Sucks. As it would have earned them a worlds medal last season.
Diva/Baker. My highlight. I miss the beethoven flamenco but this new FD is really good and was my personal fav dance of the night.

Of course we leave with pewter and 5th, but who cares?
UKR#1. The program is such a big mess. I like the steps to the slow part though Sucker for 'can't help falling in love'. #softieboss
Naumov. The choreo sequence end the endpose and the intensity of it is everything. The fistbumps. Oh yes! :smokin:
Pulkinen. Needs to grow up.
🐂 . Great redemption. Frightening Gumennik end.


Team members at Skate Canada Challenge in the free program:
Thanks for posting so I did not have to search.

Romsky :respec:
None of this years programs comes close to his programs of the last 2 seasons but I like the overall development in his skating. Such good flow and nice touch to the music. I eveb like the somehow weird and very pink rose shirt.
Not sure about the arrangement. The original builds quite nicely (Izzie/Denny forever :drama: ) so I don't get. But still. I need Romsky at olympics!
The 90s Backstreet Boys hair is inexcusable though, even in these times :gallopin1

Boss#1 lost.
Boss#2 hopelessly in love.

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