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Not looking good for Aliona K. She seems like she is blacklisted.

Kostornaya has been working with her for a few months. If she still doesn’t feel certain that she will take her on, it suggest to me that Kostornaya did not impress her, but Buyanova doesn’t want to give up on her yet. I don’t think Kostornaya is blacklisted. It is possible that there are some problems with her motivation.


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What about Anna Levandi (Kondrashova) in Tallinn?
She's got both Eva-Lotta and her son Arlet, both of whom have had lovely programs from Benoit Richaud.
And Tallinn has got to be less expensive than Toronto (or Irvine if she came to Raf), and a lot more convenient for family.


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Now that we have some more insight into what went on at Sambo 70 - drugging children and goodness knows what else, I don’t think it’s fair to point fingers or criticise at a skater who left and seems to be suffering from a lack of motivation. Who even knows what Kostornaya was faced with?

And with Russia likely out of international competition for years, there wouldn’t be much to be motivated to train for anyway.


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Andrey Simonenko's April 13th article:
Machine translated excerpt:
So, the main transition of the Russian off-season that started after the First Channel Cup at the moment: Sofya Samodelkina, one of the most promising young figure skaters in Russia, without changing the capital's army club, leaves the group of Sergey Davydov for the group of Svetlana Sokolovskaya. In the near future, the transfer should be formalized.
At the moment, there have been no official confirmations from the parties, which is understandable: the change of coach becomes a fait accompli after approval by the executive committee of the federation. But Samodelkina has already begun cooperation with the new mentor, so you can speculate about the reason for such a step on the part of the 15-year-old figure skater. I emphasize: only speculate, because only the athlete herself knows the true motives for the desire to make this transition.
It’s worth noting right away: according to my information, Samodelkina has no conflict with Davydov. It can only be about sports motives. And they, it seems to me, are clear enough.


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An interview with Kostornaya
She has all her jumps back (nothing about the 3A though) she will increase the content every competition, perhaps something cool at the end.
She is not yet in the top shape. First she broke her right arm and was in a cast for 8 weeks, then the left and the same. Then switched to Buyanova, started working on things and getting the 3/3 combos back. It was not good or consistent, but worked. That was a Friday, on a Saturday she had a day off and on Monday she was not feeling well and got a positive соvid test. So she was out for 2 weeks with the fever and took all the allowed pill she could, but nothing helped. She felt bad.
The agreement with Buyanova is to try out and see whether they can work together or not. First of all the question is to Kostornaya - is she willing to really work.
The next season programmes: the SP is something she never skated to before - it's something old yet something new. A well known piece but a new one. The LP is her `usual' stuff, but not Vivaldi who she loves, but needs to move on.
Plan is to compete till the next Olympics. Her mom jokes that in 40 years from now she'll be a volunteer, run to the K&C and shout `Mom, I'm here!'
There were a lot of competitions where she was not ready, or with the new programmes but she went out there and skated. Though she was told `let's withdraw'. For example the Russian cup final, where the SP didn't really work, the LP more or less. Rudkovskaya told her she is not healthy enough for it and the Russian cup final is not worth it. Kostornaya didn't want to stop because she would not be overcome herself later, but should she compete now it would be easier later.
She is not reading what people write about her on the internet.
About the coaching switches: `Team Tutberidze and I parted our ways, it was a mutual decision. It's not that I was mean to someone and was kicked out. And it's not that I told the coaches they were not good enough and I didn't want to work with them anymore. Of course not. I think the athletes and the coaches deserve to be respected. It was our team work. But after thinking of the situation we decided we took all we could from the collaboration and it was time. We spoke calmly'
She didn't bring flowers, but she brought a basket of fruits.


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TASS published an interview with Kostornaia on April 18:
- Alena, you started working with Elena Germanovna Buyanova. But so far, you are not officially in her group. What are the official agreements at this stage?

- This is the agreement - I understand for myself whether I want to continue skating, training. Uncertainty in our business is meaningless. Now we are working to understand whether it is comfortable for us to cooperate, what we can do together, whether something good can come of it. Everything will be decided before the beginning of May.

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Anna Shcherbakova was just in tonight’s ice show in Krasnoyarsk; therefore, not in quarantine. Not sure what this means but hopefully that she doesn’t have to meet with Putin.
She can't now since it's required to quarantine for 10 days because god forbid Putin catches a sniffle. I'm sure she must be totally devastated about not having the great honor to meet with his excellency /s
Seriously though, however she managed to get out of that meeting (agreement, refusal, emergency quarantine break, etc), good for her and more power to her.

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I brought flowers to my hair stylist on my last appointment before I move away. He was delighted when I explained the Russian custom. He said he was going to tell everybody he knew about this.
We also brought flowers and chocolate to our coach (who is Polish, btw) when we quit skating. My Russian dad insisted on it because that's "come il faut" and I have to admit it was a nice way to say goodbye to competitive skating, although I returned as a coach later.

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