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Spoiler if you didn't watch it when it was online. I didn't, and I have all four scheduled to record this week, but I read it anyway. So many things irritated me about the original show too -


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Big Sky ..... so do we have to do spoilers in the TV thread? Well, just in case .....

I feel like I've been scammed in a bait and switch scheme. They hyped this show up that Ryan Phillipe was the star, which is why I wanted to watch, and then blew his head off in the first episode. And if all we gonna get is a 1 minute flashback every episode with him, I feel cheated. :p But now I gotta keep watching cause I want to see how the story is gonna play out. Like how they ever gonna find that truck and car now.

Also, after meeting Ronald's mother more tonight, I kinda understand why the dude is a psychopath. :rofl:

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