#TeamTrainwreck 23: Perky through the ages!

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#teamtrainwreck #teamjapan
Viking update!

I did everything today! I did the lutz! First time in competition. Eat that, Schott💪🏻
I landed everything, tried the combo change foot spin, no credit, but tried, first time too.
Then, of course I stumbled and almost splatted in the choreo seq for no reason, but managed to save it😂🆘:gallopin1

No KnC as organisers win trainwreck award of the day. They didn’t manage to get the scores public. No victory ceremony either. May get prize tomorrow. But finally, the protocol came just now. I’m 4th and last, but expected nothing else as I now for the first time advanced from adult bronze to adult silver. But, I lived that music, I swear to you! I smiled through the whole program. Lucinda Ruh-tribute!

There will be footage!


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Official announcement from Perkova: she has retired and is expecting a baby boy
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