#TeamTrainwreck 23: Perky through the ages!


Highlights of O.:

  • Mark! Stunner in practice, warm-up and competition. He owned that ****ing arena. I was a big fan already, but I am close to uber now!
  • Mark/Jirenbaev bromance
  • Sokolovskaya. I like her Tsareva moments at boards, but she seems so encouraging and connected to her kids! Awesome!
  • Romsky! Had no clue I am that invested. So good seeing him live.
  • Huth and kids. Same as Sokolovskaya. Seems to have great connection to his students. Good to see him thrilling Isaev doing her cardio at practice rink (seeing he is really pushing them - which not always seemed that clear from comeptition skates alone).
  • :gallopin1 boys all through!
  • Freak-Cheer-Trio. Seriously, that RUS dude, king! :rofl: Cheering like hell, watching JGP simultaneously on phone.
  • Turkkila/Versluis FD. That's some beauty! :love:

:( highlights:
  • TUR boys. I really hoped here they could make it somehow (on their own and not counting on SWE NOC, which is not a given regarding Majorov age; I think his chances are better than Josefin's)
  • Yanovskaya. That was really sad to watch her afterwards. It was quite a road for her - I am not sure how long she'll hang on.
  • German fed. Men singles and ladies singles is a mess right now, let's face it. Schott the only one somehow standing strong (with content she skated years ago in JGP)

Final words best described with résumé of bf after watching 9 dance couples:
'Well, that's some crazy freaky world' :rofl:

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