#TeamTrainwreck 22: Every dark cloud has a pewter lining!


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You need to search for a shirtless Samarin one, but not because it's working or not (at the moment for me it's not), just more on general principle!

eta: whoa right after I posted that your avatar showed up. This is becoming a Twilight Zone type situation. It looks very nice btw.


ISU World Team Trophy 2021 Entries
I find a couple of things interesting from a #TTW perspective.
It's a good line-up #ttw-wise.

Romsky, Aymoz, Tuk

Former members:

Rizzo, Kolyada, Semenenko, Velvetboy, Chen, Tennell, Galiamov, Sinitsina/Katsalapov, Hawayek/Baker

Tanaka, Frangi, Gumennik, SexSymbol, Mozalev, Pulkinen, Nugu, Glenn, T/J

Sounds promising in all regards :gallopin1


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Ouch on the bad sportsmanship. Look, I think S/K were pre-annointed to win this competition and the skating wouldn't necessarily have mattered. But did H/D go out there and skate like A/P at 1999 worlds when K/O were pre-annointed? No. This isn't a controversial win. H/D were not great in the FD. They got beat and deservedly so.

Why are all my favorites such crybabies, cough, Boikova, cough? :drama:

ETA: okay, I listened to the clip starting at 17:20 (probably should have done that before posting :duh:), and my apologies to Hubbell. She didn't mention S/K by name as indicated earlier. She did sound pro-USA regarding ********* protocol, but I didn't hear any bitter complaints about the competition or S/K.
Yep, I also watched the clip and didnt find a call out or direct slide towards SK.

her grace

standing with Mariah
I hope unknown kid gets lots of international opportunities next season.

Maybe being left off world team will convince Aliev and Ignatov to work on stamina. #hopedieslast


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It's going to be a bloodbath for spots on the Grand Prix for Russia next year in ladies and men. In some ways, mens almost feels harder because the pecking order isn't as clear.

Colonel Green

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It's going to be a bloodbath for spots on the Grand Prix for Russia next year in ladies and men. In some ways, mens almost feels harder because the pecking order isn't as clear.
If they keep to the usual rules, this will be the most multi-national Grand Prix ever since the season’s best list is just going to be the Worlds free skate qualifiers plus (probably) a few World Team Trophy people.


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So . . . I was coming here to ask whether Team Trainwreck would advocate sending Amber or Mariah to Nebelhorn. (Because that seemed like a very Team Trainwreck type question).

And I realized the non-trainwreck thing to do would be to send Alysa.

So we'll see how the summer season/teenagerdom is going by that point. I assume whoever wants to go and try to earn that berth will have to show up ready for an event during the summer.

As for the Russian men . . . it's probably better for Aliev that he didn't go to Worlds this season, IMO.

alchemy void

Slay Daša!
:sekret: says we are getting an Adoniev-smule-inspired performance of @SmallFairy and @alchemy void anytime soon!

So many emojis possible:
:watch: :gallopin1 :love: :scream: :violin::encore:

Poll is open, which song it might be...
This showed up in my recommended playlist today (I blame shazaming Ryabova during Worlds), so let's debut with this, shall we?

Why doesn't anyone ever use this batshit version of Phantom? Think of the MEEPOTS possibilities with the crazy shrieking and semi-demented voiceovers! :drama: Paging Galustyan...
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