#TeamTrainwreck 20: Large Caliber Weapon

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i woke up like this
RUS Nationals wishes:
  • @Ka3sha's ladies podium please
  • Tuk brings the large caliber weapon
  • By the way, if Tuk somehow manages to make Euros team, I will get LARGE CALIBER WEAPON tatooed on my inner thigh. :scream: That's how all in I am.
  • Maria Talalaykina, Leonova's spiritual successor, makes top 10. This may be the most unrealistic item on this entire list. :rofl:
  • Konstantinova channels her Aurora Games self, including the Malaguena LP, and is satisfied with her skates
  • Aliev rises like a phoenix and wins. He also starts a cardio program.
  • Tarasova/Morozov win; Tron couple bronze
  • Popova/Mozgov or Tiff/Jon bronze
  • TAT says "kiss my ass" (or the Russian equivalent) at some point
JPN Nationals wishes:
  • Marin Honda clean La La Land. :swoon:
  • Sakamoto absolutely kicks ass and wins.
  • Kihira goes back to Beautiful Storm.
  • Miura/Kihara give us more Tursy-POTS moments


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Stepanova & Bukin over Sinitsina & Katsalapov. I will trade the rest of my wishlist for this one.

I will be cheering for Liza, Gubanova, & Trusova in the ladies event though. And I do hope Aliev will at least skate a Sasha Cohen-worthy program AKA I do not need perfect, but for crying out loud let's not forfeit so many spots that Lazukin gets to Worlds as a sub this season. I would also like to see Mishina & Galiamov have a strong skate. And I would like to see Tarasova & Morozov skate that new LP clean. (I realize this is asking a lot. Hence the priority at the top of this post).

Japanese Nationals. Well, it would be fun to see Shoma defeat Hanyu. Considering the season thus far, probably only a follower of the Team Trainwreck thread would bother voicing this. I will be cheering for Shiraiwa, Higuchi, Takahashi, and Kagiyama. I also hope things go a lot better for Marin than last season.


Trying to appease the skategods
--S/B AND Z/G above S/K (hey, a girl can dream!)
--B/K, T/M, and P/K on the podium
--Alena, Evgenia, and either Liza or Anna on the podium
--Lovely clean programs with no URs or falls from Sofia S. and Anastasia T. (even in my dreams I know I can't have them on the podium :( )

As for Japan, I'd like to see Marin, Yuna S., Yuhana, and Shoma do well and Mako ditch that hellish Una Voce Poco Fa program, but in reality, just give me Satoko back on the Worlds team and I won't ask for anything else.

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Russian Nationals wishes

-Kostornaia for national champ
-Gubanova gets great marks and lays claim to a COR host spot :encore:
-Our boy makes the Euros team
-B/K win
-S/K over S/B. Edges before O-faces!
-Team nepotism (M/B) nowhere near top three :lynch:

-Sakamoto for national champ
-great skating from as many of the others as possible and let the chips fall where they may


By the way, if Tuk somehow manages to make Euros team, I will get LARGE CALIBER WEAPON tatooed on my inner thigh
Thanks god there was something still coming after that statement :rofl:

I will get LARGE CALIBER WEAPON tatooed on my inner thigh. :scream:
Risky, potential dates might feel fooled :rollin:

Marin Honda clean La La Land. :swoon:
You know this seems more unlikely than Talalaykina Top10!

I will be cheering for Shiraiwa
Ah, how could I forget about this great FS (and dress); I need that in 4CC too!
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This is the first season I payed attention to Morozov/Bagin after hearing for a couple of seasons now that they are weak and essentially a joke team and... I actually like them? I really like their FD (at least the Minsk version before they rearranged the elements), and they don't look technically that weak to me? Like, I think top 5 at Nationals seems realistic to me?


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Liza lands her quads and triple axels and wins Nationals and the camera pans to Eteri's face, then Tarasova's face and then Plushenko's face. That's my wish.

I feel like Plushy wouldn't hate that result, I mean they'll be quads and 3As!

Eteri's face in that situation would be absolute GOLD though.:EVILLE:

alchemy void

i woke up like this
Just watched the draw from Japanese nationals. Daisuke CRAZY HANDSOME. Of course I voted for him in the PSOTY. I love Sørensen, but man, those guys winning are all the same. DAI WUZROBBED! (And I know for many of you Han Yan as well. We should riot!)

I voted for Daisuke also! Sorensen is a big Viking man but too vanilla for me. I voted Daisuke, who should have it by now, Cave in and Han Yan!

Totally. Sorensen is hot, but oh so generic. :yawn: I may or may not have used several different accounts to vote for Han Yan. :shuffle: Dai is hot too.

We could always do a TTW PSOTY this off season.

If Kötting shows up, you'll tattoo him bellydancing on your other inner thigh!


I love tattoos on guys, but don't have any myself. Yet.
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