Madison Chock & Evan Bates Hopes, Fears & Cheers!


Looking forward to U.S. club competition season
Madison posted a training clip from today :) ("Although we won’t be at Skate America, please know the snake is alive and well."):

ETA that C/B officially WD from Skate America on Oct. 9th:
“After much consideration, we have decided to withdraw from Skate America,” Chock and Bates said. “Our training and preparation have been affected by the p*ndemic and at this time we are 100% focused on our preparation for the 2021 Toyota U.S. Figure Skating Championships. We will be staying at our training base in Montreal, but will certainly miss the thrill of competition and seeing our U.S. Figure Skating family. We wish everyone good health and good luck!”


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It’s especially impressive after Madi had a concussion back in July, and they lost a lot of training time. If you guys haven’t seen the story, it’s pretty terrifying. Madi fainted after a walk on a hot day. Evan caught her, but her head still bumped against a stair. Afterward, she felt nauseous, and couldn’t train for a month. When we heard that she had a concussion, I think we all assumed that it was a training accident, but to know it came from such a random, mundane event is pretty shocking. Also, I can’t help thinking about how much worse this injury would’ve been if Evan didn’t catch her fall.


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IAM just had a competition simulation which they broadcast on their IG (but said it wouldn't be posted afterward :(). Madi/Evan performed Snake. Video was a bit pixelated but they looked good from what I could see. Twizzles were good and they've gone back to the rotational lift from last season. :)

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