Vaytskhovskaya's interview with Platov


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Some things are just trade secrets and natural gifts that you work on. Can you teach anyone to dance the tango the way Gabby did and does? Some things cannot be taught.
All you need to do is look at the Eteri dance videos and see how some skaters just naturally move better than others. Trusova is best jumper but does not have the same grace as Aliona. I think it extends to skating skills as well. P&C move like ballet dancers. I can't even describe how different their movement appears on television, I can't imagine what it looks like in person. It's not even only the deep knee bend, but how their bodies and movements are so fluid. They look like modern dancers- the control. I haven't liked ice dancing in a long time. They remind me a lot of Usova and Zhulin. Someone here commented on how fluid they were at their peak with 4 seasons and Paganini/Webber at 1991 worlds. They were unbelievable with that leg line and the way they glided across the ice. P&C are on another level since the technical requirements are higher and the fact they can weave technical elements with movement and telling a story on ice without hackneyed braking to emote speaks volumes of their ability. Chock and Bates have improved significantly as well since their routines are more fluid and the elements are fitting the theme and choreography.


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Yes and if it were only technique, all the French skaters would pull it off with the same maestria ...
Maybe if all French skaters started with the same coach, this would be more likely (of course talent and hard work are also parts).


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Her bolero is about snakes? I can't tell anything from the choreography. You could say anything and I'd believe it.
I had no idea her Bolero FS was about a snake either. Especially with all those random high leg lifts. :shuffle
I agree with Platov in thinking her SP is far superior.


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Actually don't a lot of ice dancers develop knee problems? IIRC Tessa Virtue and Angelika Krylova both had knee problems.

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