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  • Taf. I actually didn't mean to give you negative rep if you read my post message. I wanted to give you positive rep. But hit the negative on accident. I sent you a pm to apologize. I'll try to make it up with positive when I can.
    I knew what you meant. I just completely disagree with your POV. I just think we should be able to discuss without neg rep but apparently you don't feel the same.
    Sure your right even if the thread was started by her mom and her friends to market a perception change.lol
    I didn't say one thing about jumps - only ice coverage. First you said you were sure, then you weren't. The end.
    I'm afraid Hughes will be gifted at Nationals, too. But I doubt the USFS will have her top two, as she hasn't really improved that much since her disaster at TEB last season. If you look at her PCS scores at Regionals (all in the 5's), the judges there weren't all that thrilled with her.
    Nice to hear from someone who hated "that movie." Thanks for the rep! Yeah-Mel must have something against Britain all right...and I am a student of the Revwar, and quite a Loyalist at times! Just for fun....Poor Tarleton didn't deserve to be made into Tavington, although I love Jason Isaacs. Best wishes!
    No. It's not okay to do what you like with an animal....I don't have a problem with breeders as long as they treat their animals well. I'd never buy from a puppy mill. And want to see people who mistreat animals prosecuted.

    BUT there's nothing wrong with breeding an animal because you want a special hair color, either....
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