U.S. Pairs 2020-21 season - News & Updates, Part XI


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Good job in the LP by K/F at WTT! They scored 133.63

It looks like they hit a 3-2-2 cleanly! Then, mostly Lv4s except a BoDs Lv2, and a smaller issue on the SBS 3S w/ neg. GOE. Rotated and no falls

Would be great to see a video

Watched it just now on Peacock. They were great. Was great to see that three jump combo. Only mishap was her landing on the next side-by-side jump

They came in second place in the free skate! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

It was great in the kiss and cry, letting out a shout when the score came up!


Off season is club competition season!
TeamUSA.org's WTT Day 3 article includes quotes from Alexa & Chris Knierim as well as Brandon: https://www.teamusa.org/News/2021/A...Place-Behind-Team-Russia-At-World-Team-Trophy
“This feels like the longest season of my career, just because of training days at home and the virtuals we’ve done,” Knierim said. “So before we took to the ice today, Brandon brought me to the side and said, ‘One year ago, we were doing lifts and falling on things in the parking lot, just trying to learn each other’s timing. It’s incredible we are here. Let’s just let everything go, of course fight, but stop trying to be perfect and just do this for each other.’”
Knierim and Frazier weren’t perfect on Friday — Knierim put her hands down on a throw flip and stepped out of a triple Salchow — but their elements were high-quality, and they maintained ease and flow throughout their four-minute routine. They even showed off a new skill: a three-jump combination of triple toe loop, followed by two double toes.
Their free skate score, 133.63, was more than six points higher than that earned at the 2021 World Figure Skating Championships in Stockholm last month, where they placed seventh.
“We were very proud to put on our three-jump combo,” Knierim said. “We train it at home in our run-throughs, but it wasn’t quite ready for the world championships, so we decided this is a really good opportunity to put it out here. It’s a confidence boaster moving forward.”
“Alexa and I are very proud of how this season went, not on the basis of results but because of how quickly we were able to gel with the technical elements,” Frazier said. “We both came from long term partnerships, so it’s not necessarily easy to hit these high-powered tricks this quickly. … Overall, this has taught us so many things to progress even further on the ladder for next season.”
“They need to get out into international atmosphere in front of international judges,” Chris [Knierim] said. “Next year, they could be a very competitive team, if they can get out more often and get those nerves dealt with and gone for the latter part of the season.”
“I’m pretty excited to get going in the off-season working on their twist, some of the throws, along with their coaches, Jenni and Todd,” Chris said. “Now that they’ve competed with the program, they have an idea what they like to do with the (order of the) elements, so that will probably change, and they will be even more comfortable next season.”

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