Really, part deux


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Thanks for keeping us updated. I realized that I had seen any updates while on our vacation and just got caught up. I hope that Lee is able to watch some of skate canada.

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This is still the right address to get cards to Lee:

Bentley School
Box 299, 5314 - 49 Street
Bentley, Alberta,
T0C 0J0

Can we add The staff at:
Rimbey Hospital Acute Care Center,
5228 - 50 Avenue,
Rimbey, AB
T0C 2J0


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So she is on her 3rd shunt? Is that correct? So do they think the shunts have a defect or is there something mysterious in Lee's problems that is in some way making the shunt's fail? Well she is in the right place and her doctors will leave no stone unturned. Is this a teaching hospital? I think they will need to start a new class..LEE101. Take care .

I had exactly the same thought... one failure is unusual, 2 is downright strange... 3 is outside the envelope, so when things started deteriorating again, the Doc and I sat down with a whole team... the Pediatric Neurosurgeons Shunt team from the Stollery Children's hospital (they do more shunts than anybody), the Infectious Disease team, the Internal Medicine Team, and eventually decided it had to be biological - and they finally got a culture to grow and identified the little beastie.

Lee has a shunt infection, and the bugs are clogging up the works. They have had her on the right antibiotic for 10 days now (prophylactically, which is really fortunate) and so they are already winning the battle. (Conversely, that's why it was so hard to get a growth culture.) So now we have a new game plan: Tomorrow morning, they will remove all of the shunt plumbing and hook Lee up with an External Ventricular Drain (EVD) for the next 10-14 days, while they finish killing the bug. Then, when they're sure it's gone, she will get a brand-new sterile shunt system.

So 2 more surgeries, more Borg Hardware, and maybe we will finally be into the recovery leg of this journey.

Today is Day 355. It will be over a full year in Hospital for Lee before she gets out of ICU.

I have no right to ask for more, but please hold her in your thoughts tomorrow morning.


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@Gerry Hang in there. Here's hoping that the end is in sight. You two will be getting all my positive vibes for the procedure and days afterward.


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Thank you for keeping us "in the loop", Gerry.
I have no right to ask for more, but please hold her in your thoughts tomorrow morning.
Lee, and all her doctors, nurses and caregivers continue in my thoughts and prayers; as they have been throughout this journey.
I hope that this will be a "breakthrough" in Lee's recovery.

It is a privilege to support both of you.


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@Gerry, you don't even have to ask. All of us wish Lee the very best and hope she gets to go home soon.
I'm echoing this comment.

Lee, you, your family, and the caregivers remain in my prayers.

Her case is an example of why I am grateful for our healthcare system.

May today's surgery go well and the next stages move as quickly and smoothly as possible!

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