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  • The anti-Michelle bias on this board infuriates me; but, I keep trying!
    What did she do to these people that they disrespect her - and those of us who appreciate her?
    With respect to Michelle, what's not to get? The first and practically the only skater ever to make me cry! Put the Shibutanis on that list.
    I gave you a neg rep by mistake..............sorry.........I couldn't change it......I'm such a dummy lol...........I'll buy you a drink next time we meet :)
    Thanks Kwanette. Do you still wanna marry Patrick's feet?.....lol. I hope to run into you again sometime............Skate Canada or World's in London Ont. perhaps?
    That thing with the triple axels is all psychological, however, I wonder if changing his technique with help him?
    I was discussing this with my friend who thought that because he medaled at SC, they might offer him an invitation. I have to ask another friend who is more versed in who gets invited and who wouldn't be. Something has to get him past this mental block in terms of competing in the States, but I don't know what.
    Yes, they put it together last spring. Molly had a big say in the design of Adam's costumes for this year's programs as well. She is not only a model but a fashion design student.
    But doesn't she? Of course people do not revere her, but she was never ignored. For more than a decade people paid attention as she reinforced what people had already seen in the beginning.
    That would be nice..

    I like C and P..

    I'm not overly excited with the list of skaters there...but since I don't fly, I couldn't go to Skate America.

    Patrick and Adam will make the men worthwhile for me..and just seeing V/M after winning the GM will be fun.

    There are always a few surprise unknowns at events who capture my attention..

    Last yr it was "little Joey ussell" who was a doll.

    Plus, there are always so many interesting coaches and commentators walking around..
    Glad to hear that...........I'll be seein' you there.........probably outside in the "smoker's lounge"....lol. Perhaps we should get together for a meal in between comps. I'm going to try to watch the practices...........yeh.....Adam Rippon......what a cutie. I'm looking forward to seeing Crone and Poirier for the 1st time too.
    Hi Kwanette.........how are you doing? Are you going to Skate Canada this year? I am along with my honey. I moved to Kingston end of June so there's no excuse not to go. I'm looking forward to seeing Patrick (healthy) and hope he does his quad.......also getting to see some other skaters I've never seen "live" before..............Regards, Claire
    Hi Kwanette.............I just booked tickets today for Skate Canada. I am moving to Kingston on June 29th, (it was my hometown) so I couldn't very well NOT go.......lol. I hope to see you there. It was really nice chatting (and puffing :D, ha ha) in Kitchener last year. It would be fun to get together.
    :respec: for the Athena allusion on Peter G's visitor page. Greek myth is one of my first loves. (K thats all :slinkaway)
    Hello Kwanette! I'm on my way to Philly tonight! My daughter lives in Cherry Hill, NJ, and I'm coming up to play with my grandson while she and her husband go "down the shore" to cape May. I LOVE Philly!

    So happy you also caught your problem in time. It's still the first thing I think about when I wake up in the morning, but I also realize it could've been so much worse, and I'm a much stronger person for having gone through this.

    Big hugs! Stay in touch, fellow Survivor!
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