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  • Someone from the states defends Chan against the Ruskies and a Canadian gives her a negative rep! What's up with that? Wait till I tell the powers-that-be at Skate Canada! LOL!
    Yes, still want to marry his feet...and am in "like" with Poje. Love that SD..

    Skate Canada, here I come!
    I'll be looking out for you and the red/white/& blue lol. Yes, we will be at practices too on Thursday. Jim is curling so we will get there around noon.
    Hi, Clarie, I will be arriving in Kingston on Tuesday. We wanted to have a free day to relax and maybe explore.

    Will you be at the practices on Thursday?

    We definitely will be at the mens' to see Adam and Patrick.

    I'm leaving on Sunday by train spending the night in Northern NJ and we're driving out on Monday, making a nice road trip out of it..

    See you there!

    PS..You will be able to find me at practice, I will have an "Adam" sign in red, white and blue!

    Hi, Clairie, Yes I will be in Canada.I will be arriving there on Tuesday and staying until the following Monday. Kingston looks like a lovely city..

    Several of my friends saw Patrick this past weekend in LA..I watched his programs on You Tube and they were great. I am also thrilled to see Adam Rippon...I love him and I have only seen him once before in person..
    I bought tickets, too. Very happy to be going again this yr. We booked rooms at the Confederation, I think that's the name. (where the parking garage just collapsed)..I am assuming that V/M, Patrick, D and D and Joannie, if she comes back, will be there..Hoping for Adam Rippon, too..

    Take care, kwanette
    Hi, Clarie, Just wondering if you are thinking of going to Skate Canada? I am considering it, since it is easier for me than Skate America. Let me know. It would be nice to see you again.

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