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  • Totally agree with you. Though maybe Frank is retiring; it is telling that he got really sick when he accompanied Mirai to COC 2010-11 season; perhaps all the traveling is taking a toll. Still, I'd be a little sad since I feel like he still has so much to give.
    I don't complain, although there are times when I wish that all of the details I have to think about weren't so "complex".
    That said, I hope that SA will be held somewhere where I can see you there!
    I won't stop asking the question!
    It deserves a proper answer, which has never been given.

    I have no intention of allowing the situation to push me away from this board, either!
    Just saw your rep message. :) I'm doing very well, how are you? Will you be going to San Jose for Nationals? I'll have to watch from home, but I hope NBC will show Michelle's ceremony. I'll glue myself to the TV!
    thank you for the rep points:) Michelle is the one that let me know "figure skating" when I was just about 10yr old. I still remember, my town paper was talking about how Michelle's struggling with injuries and but how she is the most prominent contender for Gold in Nagano. And my town was really small! Due to lack of tech and info I lost track of her news and figure skating back then and I feel bad about that. Not being able to witness the greatest legend being born, just to enjoy and to be touched by her skating. I'm really happy for Michelle this year. She's been at so many honorable events and given honors she really deserves:)
    Kwanette, thanks for the rep! Agree that Carol Heiss and Tenley Albright probably could have hopped out of their rockers and done a better program than Sarah :p
    bwah ha ha ha ha! once not that many years ago i saw dorothy skate, there were a couple of single jumps but the program and the technique were so beautiful, it was perfect as it was. it can be done , just not by sarah.
    you are watching because we are programmed to watch whatever skating comes on the tv, like manchurian candidates on ice
    I was appalled by DL's comment; and nearly said somethiing "stronger" than that!
    Her attitude toward Adam is uncalled for.
    I wrote this after your message, but then realized maybe I have to write it here for you to notice it. :lol: I was planning to be at Liberty a little bit on the Saturday probably during Sr ladies, but if you're there for the pairs, I'll try to get over at least for a little bit if I can get away. xxx
    From under what rock did he or she come out? Totally clueless. I know that most of the time, fans go to Kelly and/or David to get her and/or his blessing. When I had two big banners made for Adam, I did that. Unfortunately, I couldn't hang them at Nationals and I am thinking about having one of them downsized because it is 5 by 7 feet.
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