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Everything is ready for Yuzu's first show as a pro which will begin in a few hours. :) https://twitter.com/YUZURUofficial_/status/1588138980792754178

PIA Arena MM in Yokohama looks big and the ice surface is almost Olympic-size: https://www.instagram.com/p/CkfeXBbNPzl/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=.

The show on Saturday will be accessible in 81 cinemas across the country (the original number was 65 but it was raised to 81).

Many goods were already sold-out for the show so they had to be restocked. https://axelstore.jp/prologue

Article on Olympics.com: https://olympics.com/en/news/figure-skating-japan-hanyu-yuzuru-ice-show


The first two shows of Prologue are over and they were a huge success. Yuzu skated to many programs (fully or partially), including Seimei, Change, Let's Go Crazy, Hana Ni Nare, Hello, I Love You, Romeo and Juliet 1, his new program to Final Fantasy X, A Fleeting Dream, Haru Yo Koi, Parisienne Walkways or on the first Day, one of his programs from his novice days, Spartacus. This picture of the fully packed arena is beautiful.

Between the programs, video footages were shown from Yuzu's amateur career and he talked in front of the audience - he answered questions from the 27 000 questions he received before the show. There was also a projection mapping on the ice, which was choreographed by MIKIKO (she choreographed Japan's hand over segment at the 2016 Rio Olympics). Bracelets were handed out and fans could vote for a program that Yuzu skated to it later. At the end of the show, all the fans hold their bracelets that were lightning blue, and it made Yuzu emotional. What a beautiful sight.

I don't know how he was able to organise such a high quality show in a few months, while he also trained for it. Yuzu is amazing. This is a new level in ice shows for sure. I find ice shows usually tacky, cheap and I think skaters don't put too much effort to the one or two programs that they skate to, they are there to grab some money and that's all. Prologue is the complete opposite.

Olympics article: https://olympics.com/en/news/figure-skating-japan-hanyu-yuzuru-prologue-opening-show
Translation of the press conference after Prologue Day 1: https://axelwithwings.com/2022/11/05/eng-translation-yuzuru-hanyu-prologue-yokohama-day-1-20221104/


According to this survey only 7% of those who took part in the lottery won tickets for the Hachinohe shows :eek: Only 8 days to go until the first show :cheer2:

Prologue will be broadcasted on CS Asahi Channel 1 on 5 December https://twitter.com/tvasahi_cs/status/1595238505788997632

Yuzu will be on the radio show "All Night Nippon Gold" on 23 December. According to the host he will be asked about how he felt about going professional, Prologue, and some others that sports writers usually don't ask from athletes https://twitter.com/marika_yuzu/status/1593630950499713024

In 2021/22 season Yuzu was on the cover 72 magazines (this is until he accounced going pro, since then there are several new magazines with him on the cover).


2 more days until the shows in Hachinohe. :cheer2:There are lot of advertisements of the TV broadcast of the December 5 show in the Tokyo metro stations:

TV Asahi's promo for the broadcast:

On Yuzu's birthday, 7 December, from 21.00 to 23.30 JST Fuji TV will broadcast Yuzu's performances from Japanese Nationals since his novice days until 2021.


Prologue shows are over. On Day 1, Yuzu skated to Seimei, Change, Otonal (audience's choice), Mission Impossible 2 (choice from Youtube comments), Romeo+Juliet, A Fleeting Dream, Haru Yo Koi and Parisienne Walkways. On Day 2 he skated to the same programs except for Otonal and MI 2, he skated to Etude and Somebody to Love (these were the audience and YouTube choices).

Today I watched the live stream and he skated to Otonal, Sing Sing Sing and Etude, amongst the other programs. It was so nice to see the completely sold out arena again. Whether it's a weekend or a Monday afternoon, Yuzu can sell out arenas any time 😉
He skated all programs without any mistakes in the three shows. 👏

I'm really happy that Yuzu is free from the boundaries of competitions, the whole ISU/JSF environment and he is thriving as a pro :love: So great to see Prologue was a huge success. He had 5 sold out shows in 2 cities, 2 live broadcasts, live viewing of hundreds of cinemas, merchandise selling like hot cakes. Everything was organised and put together very well, and this within just a few months. I can't even imagine how much work he put into these shows, since he not only skated to so many programs but he also produced the whole show.

Yuzu said this in his closing speech that when he finished amateur career, he thought he would never be able to see a sight like this ever again. Well he was so wrong LOL. The stadiums are sold out and he got standing ovation every time.:respec:

He really must be working all day and night - at the end of the show he announced his next show which will be held on 26 February in the...TOKYO DOME! :eek: Tokyo Dome is one of the biggest stadiums in Japan with a capacity of ~45k-55k, which is more than twice the size of, for example, Saitama Super Arena's max. capacity. That is is just crazy. He will be the first skater to hold a one-man ice show in Tokyo Dome. The show will be called 'Ice Story 2023 Gift' and it will be produced and directed by Yuzu. The pre-order for tickets will start tomorrow.

The official website of Gift: https://gift-official.jp/, and its official twitter page: https://twitter.com/jp_GIFTofficial

Article on olympics.com: https://olympics.com/en/news/hanyu-yuzuru-tokyo-dome-gift-february-2023 and on Sponichi: https://www.sponichi.co.jp/sports/news/2022/12/05/kiji/20221205s00079000454000c.html


In other news, Yuzu won the Grand Prize and the Athlete Award of Yahoo! Search 2022. The last time he won it was in 2014. He will be presented with 1 g of pure gold / category ;) https://twitter.com/YahooSearchJP/status/1599445491787255808


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Yuzuru made a surprise appearance at the 5th Mayor of Sendai tournament and skated his Parisian Walkways in front of delighted kids and their parents.

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