Interview (Russian) with Brian Orser in Turin


"In an exclusive interview, Brian Orser spoke about the difficulties of working during the coronavirus p*ndemic, health problems of Yuzuru Hanyu and Rika Kihira, and also wished Elizaveta Tuktamysheva to qualify for the Olympics."

By Ekaterina Efimova (November 6, 2021):

Machine translated excerpts:
- Most recently, Yuzuru Hanyu upset the fans with a message about his withdrawal from the stage in Japan. Did you participate in this decision?
- It was his decision, about which he notified me. I don't know the details and how serious the injury is, but I think it's pretty bad. He skated beautifully, and what happened, of course, is terrible. We spoke very little with him from the moment he announced that he would not perform at the Japanese Grand Prix, but from what I read, I saw that he was very motivated to return as soon as possible. So I think that the Japanese championship could be the first competition for him.
Note: Japan's Nationals dates are December 22-26, 2021.
- I know more about Rika because she has been in Toronto for the last five weeks. Unfortunately, she has been struggling with this injury for two years now and has already come to us with an injury. In my opinion, if she wants to compete in the Olympic Games, she must already fully recover so as not to feel pain. You can continue to numb the pain, but as an athlete and former skater, I know what it is to perform with an injury, and it's horrible.
In a situation where you are completely confused and have no hope for anything, you can try. But now there is still time to heal a little. Rika is very patient and does a lot of work off the ice. I think she's doing a lot more than ever. She's really getting in shape and working on many other aspects. Honestly, I am sure that very soon she will again be on the ice ... If the pain goes away, then we will all see the old Rika.

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