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Although this may belong to the Trash can, I'll post it here.

"Tetsuko's room (徹子の部屋)" is a show hosted by Tetsuko Kuroyanagi (TV personality. She's around 85 years old). It probably still is a popular talk show, and its special aired yesterday with several guests (the first part you should ignore, second part features the family of Hanae Mori, famous fashion designer who passed away in August 2022), and the last part features Yuzuru Hanyu.

Click the screen and be patient to go through the ads (probably weird to you), you'll be able to watch it for free for a week. Hanyu's part starts from the 1:05:58 mark. Only in Japanese. If you can't watch it, I'm sorry.
Also ignore Tetsuko's dress - I think it's H&M.
Plus, his Olympic programs and others cannot be shown due to copyright. Just wait or click the circle arrow with a 10 inside on the bottom left, it will move 10 seconds ahead.

Rough recap.
Hanyu appears in a light grey suit.

He first talks about appearing as a judge on NHK's "NHK Red and White Song Battle", an annual TV special that airs on New year's eve.
Tetsuko started talking holding what she thought was a microphone, which in fact was a glow light(? don't know the term) Hanyu, seated next to her told her the mistake. She thanked him for that.

Tetsuko then thanks him for bringing costumes. The costume (Woody?) he wore when he was five, he says "with a mushroom cut"

Hanyu says he doesn't get dizzy at all for the jumps and spins, and shows her a double jump on the floor!

As Tetsuko comments that she still thinks he can compete, Hanyu agrees, but he didn't want to skate for scores and victories anymore and that's the reason he turned pro.

Again, his one-man show at Tokyo dome "Gift" cannot be shown. What he focused most about that show was to "not bore the audience" He put a lot of variety into that show because of that.

There are cards with questions on it.

1. Pics and videos taken by his mother. He started skating because his sister started skating. Lots of cute pics. One asking his mother not to take videos and hides behind a Christmas tree (in Helsinki, I believe)

2. His favorite food is Gyoza (Japanese version of Chinese dumplings). Overall, he doesn't have much appetite. He likes caramel puddings. They taste a recommended one the TV crew found in Nagoya.

3. The most scariest thing: His first coach. The TV crew go interview her in Hokkaido - Mami Yamada.
She was crossed with him because he wouldn't do what she asked.
His first impression was "A genius. Gifted" Outside the rink, he was dancing a weird dance. She asks him "What the heck was that?"
Hanyu replies "I have no idea"

4. What will you be doing 10 years from now? He hopes to be a professional figure skater who can deliver, landing a 3ax, hopefully still a quad.
He did a movie as a guest star, which he says "he will never do it again"

5. How do you spend your days off? He plays video games - to keep his mind off skating. He has a youtube channel. Does everything by himself.
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Thanks! I remember buying Tetsuko’s book Totto-chan when I was in Japan and it’s great to see her still going strong…and Yuzu too ☺️

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