Javier Fernandez Documentary on RTVE Play: Breaking the Ice


A new Javier Fernandez documentary series, produced by Radiotelevisión Española (RTVE) and Factoría Henneo, called "Breaking the Ice" (3 episodes - English subtitles can be turned on) is now available worldwide viewing on the RTVE Play website until February 27, 2025 (machine translated synopses included below):

A Diamond in the rough (41:54 mins.): https://www.rtve.es/play/videos/javier-fernandez-rompiendo-el-hielo/diamante-bruto/6809184/
Javier Fernández has been retired from elite sport for 4 years. He looks back. How did he get here? Everything is the result of his work, of course, but he has not traveled this path alone. Many people have accompanied and helped him. The story begins with his sister Laura, without her, Javier would never have set foot on an ice rink. Then with his parents, who made a huge economic effort so that Javier could skate. And the story continued with his coaches, who managed to tame the "rebel" who did not stand still. Nor can we forget his colleagues and friends who were with him in all his good times, but also in his bad ones. Because although Javier has had a career full of successes, the road has been hard and he has had to go through it together with the pressure to be the best, anxiety and general disinterest, in a country that gave nothing for ice skating. Javier went against the current of everything and everyone to become a legend of Spanish sports.

The Standard Bearer (45:50): https://www.rtve.es/play/videos/javier-fernandez-rompiendo-el-hielo/abanderado/6809213/
Javier Fernández, after overcoming his anxiety crisis, lands in Toronto to train with figure skating coach Brian Orser and his partner Tracy Wilson. Not even Javier himself believes it when he wins his first European championship. Even Yuzuru Hanyu himself, considered one of the best skaters in history, asks to train with Javier to improve and excel day by day. What does Javier have that other skaters don't have to date? Javier is an artist, it is what has made the difference. At the Sochi Olympic Games (2014) Javier Fernández is chosen as Spain's flag bearer and designated as the main option to win the first Olympic medal in the history of Spanish skating. But when everything seems in his favor, he will have to face an unexpected controversy. Will Javier get on the podium?

The Pioneer (46.11): https://www.rtve.es/play/videos/javier-fernandez-rompiendo-el-hielo/pionero/6809254/
What at first seems like a total failure, the disappointment of not getting on the podium in the 2014 Olympic Games, ends up helping Javier in his sporting career: with the success of the 2015 Shanghai World Championships, continuing with the 2016 Boston World Championships with a performance considered one of the best in figure skating, and enjoying that long-awaited Olympic medal in Pyeongchang 2018. After being a pioneer in figure skating in our country, Javier continues to be closely linked to ice skating in his current life, he continues trying that their sport be more recognized and that Spain does not leave behind young talents who, due to lack of means, have to abandon their sports careers. After his withdrawal, What did the future hold for him? Has Javier felt a void in his life or a relief when he finished competing? In this chapter we live Javier's retirement remembering all the triumphs of his career and his current triumphs with his great project: "Revolution On Ice".

Press release on Feb. 27, 2023:
The story is told by Javier Fernández himself with the help of his father Antonio, his mother Enriqueta, his sister Laura and his friends Jorge and Xavi. Also his trainers: Jordi Lafarga, Mikel García, Brian Orser and Tracy Wilson, and the choreographers David Wilson and Sandra Bezic. Rivals who trained with him, such as Hanyu Yuzuru and Florent Amodio, and other teammates on the ice: Javier Raya, Sonia Lafuente, Johnny Weir, Sara Hurtado and Nobunari Oda. Journalists such as Paloma del Río, a TVE legend considered "the voice" of skating in our country, and Pedro Lamelas, as well as other skating, sports and entertainment personalities: Gloria Estefanell, Marta Senra, Makabe Kikuo, Takaya Usuda, Regino Hernández, Ander Mirambell, Almudena Cid, Antonio Najarro and Carlos Jean.

Javier's photos from the premiere at the Equis Sala Madrid on Feb. 23: https://www.instagram.com/p/CpDCCLoIGs9/
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I watched the first episode and enjoyed it, looking forward to the other two.

Nikolai Morosov sure seems like a weird/sketchy guy.
yes, very interesting.

do you know who was the skater that Brian Orser said left him before Javi came?


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I`m a total uber but still....a great documentary. I agree, that the 2016 worlds performance was one of the best in history. Not just for Javi but for David Wilson too. The great skating but also the theatrics. I watch him like I do Jason and Kim Yuna and think "When will we see something like this again?"

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