Davis/Smolkin and their transfer to Ice Academy of Montreal


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April 10, 2024: https://matchtv.ru/figure-skating/m...li_prijti_v_jego_akademiju_jeshhe_v_2022_godu

Machine translation:

Coach Roman Haguenauer told Match TV that figure skaters Diana Davis and Gleb Smolkin are now training at his academy in Montreal, although they first approached his team two years ago. “It all started with the usual process for athletes who want to train at our academy. Diana and Gleb contacted us two years ago, but then it was not the right time. We thought that now everything was improving and began cooperation. We are working on dance concepts for the new season, while at the same time the skaters are developing their sports skills,” Haguenauer told Match TV.
"I don't know what improvement of the situation he has in mind," the president of the Ukrainian Figure Skating Federation, Danil Amirkhanov, reacted to the Frenchman's words in a comment to Suspilne Sport. - Maybe he got better. We don't. It became much more difficult, given that the war continued. Such a statement is unacceptable for us."
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How Golubtsova and Belobrov react to the appearance of Russians in the academy:
Maria Golubtsova admitted that both of them have a "negative" attitude towards such additions to the team, but refused to comment further.

Kyryl Belobrov noted that the appearance of a Russian couple at the IAM "surprised" some of his colleagues at the academy, and the Ukrainians themselves are embarrassed by such a "neighborhood". According to him, this decision was not coordinated or discussed with them in any way. What are they planning to do about it? Maria and Kyryl, figure skaters cannot say at the moment.
What is the position of the Ukrainian Federation
Ukrainian federation announced that they will talk to Ukrainian athletes so that they "limit any communication with representatives of Russia", even if they represent Georgia.

"We do not maintain any relations with former Russian athletes, regardless of which team they compete for," said Amirkhanov. "We haven't talked to the management [of the academy] yet, but we will definitely inform them about our position."
At the same time, the president of the UFSF did not agree with the fact that the information policy was a failure on the Ukrainian side, and he does not think that the world of figure skating has forgotten about the war, and support for Ukraine has weakened.
"I wouldn't say that we are not communicating something," Amirkhanov is convinced. — We always prove our opinion, tell, show. But you understand, each federation and organization decides the issue at its own discretion. We roughly know what [affects]. Maybe there is money somewhere, maybe a joint activity. On our front, we are doing everything so that they do not exist. Unfortunately, not everything depends on us. Our whole federation has a negative attitude towards m***als. But they use every opportunity to somehow return to figure skating."

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