2023 U.S. Stars on Ice tour (May 20-June 4) with international cast

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Forgot to add in my earlier post....looks like Scott Hamilton's adoption charity pitch just before intermission is going to be a regular thing. This year's was about 3 times longer than last year's. My mom and I went to the restroom when it started and stood outside waiting for a while afterward, Scott still talking. I get that Scott is a part-owner of the show and gets to do whatever he wants, but as I said last year, I find it inappropriate. People aren't at SOI to hear a charity pitch, esp one that has nothing to do with skating/the show. But it did allow my mom and I to avoid lines, so that was helpful.
I found that to be very annoying. But the show was great!

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Also forgot to mention....Loena and Jason did the pre-show Q&A with my club members and were great with the kids (and adults). :) I admit I haven't followed Loena's career that closely and did not realize she trains in both Belgium and The Netherlands (lives 7 minutes from the border, she said). Someone asked what skaters they looked up to growing up and Loena said "my brother." :) Jason said he looked up to the older skaters at his rink.

I realized I didn't mention G/P or Alissa in my earlier post (I was tired...:saint:). This was my first time seeing G/P live and I can appreciate them more seeing them in person. I wasn't a big fan of their Evita FD but they do have some great lifts and choreo moves (they cut the waltz part for the show version). As posted upthread, "Thank God I'm a Country Boy" is played during the 7th inning stretch at Camden Yards so I knew it would get a big crowd response. Bringing in Satoko and Jason for some of the dancing was cute....I was hoping the whole cast would come out like they did in Calgary, but oh well. :)

It's been a long time since I've seen Alissa skate and it's good to see her moving well across the ice, given her hip injuries. She skated a nice program but I'm over emo covers so it wasn't my favorite piece of music in the show.


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Thank you all for sharing your comments about the show! It was a bummer that SOI didn't come to Greensboro this year, & yes, the crime around Baltimore & long drive kept me from heading up that way. I guess I'm saving my money for nationals & Worlds next year. Glad Kurt didn't get injured on his back flip.


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I went to SOI shows this year mainly to see Alissa and Kurt. 14 years ago, I was in the arena and saw Alissa winning the US Nats (2009). And then she won another in 2011. I screamed a lot each time she nailed a jump because I really wanted her to win and I was so happy to see her becoming a US Champion.

This time - many years later, I saw Alissa skate again and she was as beautiful as before.


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