Hanyu reflects on his degree from Waseda University


Olympic Channel article by Nick McCarvel (11 December 2020):
The Japanese superstar has been reflecting on completing his degree in Human Information Science from Waseda University last month, and how it could help him on the ice as well as in life.
Hanyu explored digital data and 3D motion capture in relation to movement on the ice (including his own jumping passes), studies that he aims to apply to his own programs moving forward.
He told the Waseda University website, "I've been walking in the world of figure skating, but I wanted to see myself expressed in numbers and data. The numbers support my senses, so it's also useful for competitions. Every time the scoring method is updated, I update my program. I still use it."
Original source (in Japanese): https://www.waseda.jp/top/news/71168
He "graduated from the Correspondence Course (e-school) of the Faculty of Human Sciences, Waseda University in September 2020."

I posted this in his Cheer thread last month:
Article [in Japanese] on Hanyu's recent graduation from university: https://www.nikkansports.com/sports/news/202011080001497.html

Translation of an interview he gave to his university's publication: https://twitter.com/Iron_Klaus/status/1325779896841461760
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