Red Carpet Fashion (Met Gala all the way to Awards Season)


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I love that some have a lot of fun with fashion at the Met Gala. Their red carpet is always my favorite. So what/who are your hits and misses? All from "Huffington Post."

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I loved Lupita Nyong'o's look! I loved her hair and dress. Of course it helps that to me she is one of the most beautiful 'current' celebrities'.

Otherwise I liked those that took the theme to the max, like Ciara's hair.

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I saw photos from this a couple of days ago. Some of them are amazing. Clare Danes dress was stunning when they turned the lights off. I need to watch the latest episode of Fashion Police to see what they say.


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I loved Bella Hadid's gown and boots?...that shade of black can be so flattering. I liked that the Louis Vuitton models (Vikander, Connelly, Michelle Williams) could leave and take a hike in Central Park in those shoes. I liked the Vuitton dresses as well.

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