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Really, part deux


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Thank you all... today is Day 510, and I'm away working for a few days again, in the midst of another Alberta spring snowfall warning. Yuck. We are about ready for spring...

When I left last night, Lee was comfortable and talking a little; and her nurse came in to start her shift by checking on her. As she took vitals and re-arranged her a bit, she kept up a cheerful conversation with Lee, and I was reminded of how much these girls go out of their way to help her out... the whole team here is very familiar with Lee and they all get in to see her and say hi. They notice when her condition gets better or worse because they pay attention to her every shift, even when they are on different assignments.

If you get a moment and have the inclination, send a short note or postcard to the nurses at:

Rimbey Hospital and Care Centre
Acute Care Nursing Desk
5228 50 Avenue
Rimbey, AB
T0C 2J0

They would get such a kick out of seeing how many people are on Lee's team, and how spread out that network is; most importantly, nurses don't get to hear how awesome they are nearly often enough!

Have a great day, yourselves... you guys are awesome, too!

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