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  • Thanks for the rep, and I love the card and the photos! I hope that you have a wonderful weekend, my friend! :)
    I appreciate that you make sure it's okay with the skaters before you say anything about their private lives (as in the relationship status between Hubbell-Donohue). :)
    You might want to go to a local electronic store and ask a salesperson what you could get. I did send you a link with info and links to free TV. You can also go to the link where it will show you what stations you can get if you got one. I found the link by googling free tv in canada.
    Okay now I understand - I thought you were somewhere in Canada. I did check a year or so ago about any HD I could get with antenna and there was none but things may have changed and I have lost the website - guess I should goggle it. Not holding my breath though because I live in Canada near Winnipeg Manitoba and I don't think there is anything much broadcast in HD nearby - well now I am lying because I think Grand Forks NBC is now our new HD NBC station with Eastern time zone programming. I get that already on my HD cable package.
    I noticed today that you mention getting an antenna and being able to receive Universal Sports in HD and also that you have been watching Battle of the Blades. Do you mind me asking where you are located that enables you to get both? Vancouver or Toronto maybe?
    yesterday someone else had the same program and used the contact us email on the skatebuzz main page. They said they got a quick fix up. Can you try that? (I don't know if they chose the Skate TV department or the technical department though - maybe send to both?
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