Really, part deux


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I'm glad that all seems to be going smoothly, Gerry.
I suspect that Lee will feel much more "normal" and optimistic; when she can interact with friends and family while she regains her strength, before going to the rehabilitation facility.


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Hopefully making the move back 'home' will give Lee the boost she needs that she really is improving and this is a big step along the way. Hope the transfer goes well :)


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I'm glad that Lee is inching her way back home, and hope that having her closer will make life easier for both of you and hasten Lee's recovery.

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It sounds great - relief for you both. I am glad the doctor had that little chat with you about YOU. Happy almost homecoming!


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Sorry to be away from all these updates @Gerry -my father recently passed away so I've been distractedand very busy. Much love to you both xoxox


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@Gerry and @Really Sending positive thoughts your way and hope the transition to the new hospital goes smoothly. I give you both props for how strong you have been through these trying times. Keep going! I know it's a tough slog, but you have made it this far. Keep your chins up. Sending you both lots of love from afar.


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I think @Really is going to really like being closer to her real home at her home hospital. @Gerry it sounds like you have great communicative doctors and nurses.


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Thinking of all of you and hoping the move to the local hospital is just what Lee needs! I know it will make things a little easier for you Gerry & that's a good thing!!


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Day 100 ... that's a special thing for Elementary Math teachers...

I met with Lee's Doctor (here) this morning... he agreed with pretty much everything that's been said, and indicated that he felt it would be best to move her back to our local hospital, so she could be cared for while she continued to regain her strength. He also got all over my case about taking care of myself, because my job was far from over, and insisted that I call him if I needed help. Have you guys been talking to him?

Anyway, he obviously got busy making the move happen, because when I went over to the Hospital to check in with a few of Lee's needs, the nurses already knew and were very happy to have her coming back. They were busy arranging her room, bed, and equipment to make sure everything was ready for her.

After I got home, I got a call from the post-surgery ward in Edmonton, letting me know that Lee was on the transfer list and that the doctors had all spoken with each other. Lee's nurse said she is looking good today, and was in good spirits about the move. She has been with Lee a few times on this evolution, and has a good idea of whether she is improving or not, so I was encouraged by that. I feel guilty about coming home to get some things done; it's only been a day, but I've only missed being with her 2 days since this began, and I'm apparently not used to being alone.

In any case, she should get here later today, assuming transport is readily available.

I am not going to miss staying away from home, eating out of microwave, city traffic and parking, or days on end in the big concrete box. I am going to miss the people who cared for Lee; they did remarkable work under considerable pressure, and showed great compassion and professionalism in being there for Lee when she needed them. I salute all of you health-care people!

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Gerry, first of all, I commend you for your patience and strength of what you've endured during this whole time. I'm so glad that Lee is going back to the local hospital, and you will be home again! That's wonderful!

I know it's going to take a long time for Lee to recover, but she will gain a little strength each day even with her setbacks. I know my situation was different from Lee's, but I had to stay in ICU for a month and then was moved to the 7th floor of the hospital where I was at. I was in Shreveport which is around 40 miles north from where I live.

I was so weak and was also on a wound vac. Everything had happened so fast that reality didn't have a chance to catch up with me. I wanted to go home so badly, and the doctors and nurses had to explain to me that I couldn't. It was going to take a long time for me to recover, and little did I know that it was a possibility that I might not make it during that first month even though I survived through all of my surgeries, etc.

A social worker at the hospital had arranged for me to go to a nursing facility in Shreveport after the second month of being in the hospital. I was still on the wound vac for my leg, and had lost all my muscle in my legs and arms from being bedridden for so long. I stayed 10 months at the nursing facility until I was finally able to go home.

My family and friends is what kept me going. They would visit me every week and make sure I had everything I needed. About a month after I was at the nursing facility, my brother brought me my laptop so I could catch up on everything. I was then able to contact everyone here at FSU.

And let me tell you, FSUers here are the most wonderful people I've ever known. They made my days a little less lonely from being homesick. I don't think I would have made it sometimes if it wasn't for them. I cherish every card, every gift, and every special message that all my friends here posted to me at FSU. These wonderful folks have still helped me with the most wonderful gift that's helped me to get around a lot better. With the power chair, I'm even able to go outside now and I don't have the words to describe how wonderful it is. I'm a very sensitive person now but in a good way, and I tear up a lot when I think of the wonderful family I have here at FSU.

Gerry, I just want you to know that all of us here at FSU love Lee and you! May God bless you and Lee and keep you safe. <3


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I'm glad that you shared some of your challenges in this thread, Angie.
The timeline/stages of your recovery are meaningful/helpful; even if the cause is not exactly the same as Lee's.


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In most parts of Canada (and the US) we move to Daylight Saving Time this weekend - if we are "Springing forward", can Spring itself be far behind? May the arrival of that season of new life put some spring in Lee's steps forward too!


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It's Friday, March 10... Day 108;

I'm back from a few days on the road, trying to work for a living. It's scary, getting on that plane; the last 3 times I left Lee alone, things went birdcage and I ended up rushing back. Getting on that plane meant that I wasn't coming back until it was over... and I just wasn't sure about that. Fortunately, my kids, her friends and colleagues, and her sister kept watch over her while I was away.

Lee took advantage of my absence to keep recovering right along... still not back to where she was before this latest setback, but on the right path, anyway.

It seems that each setback has taken a greater toll on her; the surgeon told me that if I had a colectomy, I would walk out under my own steam in 7 days, pretty much recovered. But she started in such a weak state, it will likely take her over a month just to get back there... and then we have to keep on recovering up the ladder. I see a whole lot of physiotherapy in our future, but we have time, and nothing better to do than watch her improve.

One of her nurses is the daughter of old friends; she skated with our daughter, her Mom and Lee were figure-skating-parents (you know the type!), and her Dad and I got volun-told to do support work for a lot at test days, competitions, and carnivals that the Moms were running for the figure-skating kids. (you probably know all about THAT, too!)

Lee is working through some breathing and swallowing issues, and is so very weak, but she continues to be focused and intent on getting better. She is eating some things on her own, and is still being fed through the tube (supplemental) at night, as she is unable to take in enough food to sustain herself, yet. Appetite is also a factor; and nobody really understands how that works. Thank you to all the 'experienced' neuro-trauma types on here who have told me your stories; Lee isn't going through anything you wouldn't recognize, appetite-wise, but for a fat boy like me, not wanting to eat is just incomprehensible. Your stories have helped me to understand.

Neither of us really knows how long it will take my skinny bag of bones to get back to teaching Zumba, or even walking on her own... but we're on the road together, and we'll get there when we can.

All that matters is that she is alive... thank the Lord, and thank you for all your thoughts and prayers, she is alive and we might just recover from all this. I remember many dark days and nights when I just hoped and prayed for at least that much.

For the first time in months, I feel like this journey might have a happy ending.

Lee and I are in your debt, Team. We never felt alone.


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Hugs and much admiration for you and Lee. Thank you for the updates. As always, wishing you both the very best.

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Gerry, you are so great to keep us informed throughout your long journey. I think the strength will come. How is she mentally - alertness, memory, conversation, etc.?

Your grateful heart is so touching. In spite of everything she is one lucky woman.

Prayers continue.
Thanks so much for the update. Though every update leaves me in tears (though that might be pregnancy hormones) :lol: Your deep love for Lee is so evident, and so inspiring. Thank you for sharing.

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thank you for the update - the last part of your post made me tear up it was so lovely. You two remain in my prayers and thoughts.


@Gerry thank *you* for taking time during all this activity to post updates for us. I can only imagine how busy you must be trying to keep on top of everything that is being done for Lee, and to keep us in the loop is really thoughtful of you. Hugs and positive thoughts going out to both of you and your family.


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Passing on my positive thoughts for @Really and @Gerry , hope progress continues but understand the step forward step back life. I'm sure once physically stronger you will see increased progress.


thank you for the updates. I had a dream last night that I accidentally wrote on lee's facebook wall - something that only she would know and she responded to me with appropriate advice and specifically written to me. In my dream, I knew that it meant she was recovering and back to Lee. It was so real, I know she will recover!

We are all hopeful and keep you in our prayers.

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