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"Ultra-c" really started to make the move into English-speaking fandom in the last couple of years as more and more ladies started doing triple Axels or quads and people wanted a term to demarcate skaters who had one or more of those elements from those who didn't.


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I thought it was obvious that I was referencing the possibility of poetry slams as an ice skating term :p

(on Twitter I'd post a Joke/You meme, but happily we are not on Twitter!)
I'm still trying to figure out how anyone would do a balance beam routine while wearing skates. :slinkaway


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In Russian articles I've read about ice dance and pairs and even some men, I haven't seen it used.
There are no "ultra-C" elements in Dance, which is why some people think it's not a sport.

In Pairs, that would be quad twists and quad throws, which most Pairs have decided are not worth the risk.

Quads are considered a given in Men's skating, even when it was aspirational for a while. If someone lands a 4A, then, maybe, you'll see the term used.

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