Really, part deux


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If memory serves (and my Franklin Planner has the correct info) - Happy Birthday, Lee. I hope you have many, many more.

NJL (....:biggrinbo:cheer2::cheer::respec::encore:)


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I left a message on FB.

However, in your case, there can never be too many celebrations!
Wishing you health, happiness and joy.


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Now that those birthday celebrations are over, I trust that your attention has returned to the slow and steady healing/recovery process @Really. The new skating (& snarking) season is already underway :)


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Hi team. Sorry for not getting on Lee's case to respond more.. she is having some difficulty Reading (focal length shifts), and is still sleeping a lot. Cognitive activity tires her out as much as physical activity, and as mentioned before, she has no buffer... when she gets tired, or a bit if an infection, there are immediate consequences.

But she is doing great! She is bright, loves seeing her friends and family, and is mostly behaving for the nurses. Her birthday party the other day saw her sit up for 3 hrs, talk and laugh with her colleagues, and sneak a bit of cake (she doesn't think I know, but a nurse ratted her out).

She has been weight-bearing on a tilt table every day; today she made 11 minutes and felt good. I like this tilt table stuff because I get a stand-up hug or two under the pretext of being a spotter.

Her doctor took 2 weeks off and when he came back, he was astounded at her progress. I guess I only see little incremental changes, but I'm still amazed that she continues to defy the odds and expectations. I snuck away to Arkansas and Toronto to work in the last 3 weeks, and it was both nice and nerve-wracking to get away a bit... but she is in great hands, getting stronger every day, and a little break from me is probably good for her, too.

Still more to come...

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers.


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So glad to hear that Lee continues to improve! You are wonderful for standing by her so steadily through all this, @Gerry. You deserve LOTS of hugs!! :) Happy belated birthday to Lee.


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@Gerry --Thank you for the update with the great news of Lee's continued improvement. (Glad that she sneaked a bit of birthday cake. :) )


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I love your description of Lee "mostly behaving." :p She's gotta be so sick of the hospital now! Glad to hear the steady progress continues.


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Thank you, @Gerry, it has been so nice to see Lee posting comments on Facebook, even if it's a word or two. I'm glad you got away for work for a little while, and you're right, it's good for both of you to have a little break.

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