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You might look at the video differently after you see the sister and brothers talk about it all on the Ellen Show:

A Hilariously Epic Zombie Prank
Well, I sure would not have want to be filmed in that state - in any state for that matter - not even for a freebie to Mexico.

I don't care for her attitude towards the dog, either. The zombies can have this one for lunch.


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Amy Schumer On The Jonathan Ross Show (17th Sept 2016)

Okay, so this interview in itself is funny enough (but naughty, so probably NSFW), but any time I see Bear Grylls on one of these British talk shows, they always put him next to a comedian. And I swear on a scale of one to ten, his sense of humour is about -82. He looks like a space alien who has no frickin' idea what humour could possibly be! :lol: And then he tries to make it look like he gets it and is having fun, but he looks TOTALLY lost. As if the whole concept of being indoors is completely foreign to him! :D

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