Cute Zoo Pics Part 7


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For those who want more, and especially for @Aussie Willy

Haha thank you so much. Those photos are great.

Garden Kitty

In honor of the Superb Owl, here's Flaco - a Eurasian Owl from the Central Park Zoo that escaped when some vandals cut his enclosure.

Attempts to capture him have not been successful yet, but everyone has been delighted that even though he's spent his life in captivity, he's been able to hunt and eat during the time he's been out of the zoo.
The Zoo has been attempting to recapture Flacco since he was raised in the zoo and they were afraid for his survival. However, their attempts have not been successful and he's proven to be quite the hunter. The Zoo has announced they are suspending recovery efforts for now but will continue to monitor him and resume recovery efforts if he shows any signs of distress. Flacco has become quite the local celebrity in the Park with bird watchers monitoring his movements and cheering his success at hunting.

Flacco enjoying a day in the Park

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