2021/2022 Canadian Men: News and Updates


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I am beyond amazed that Roman has the axel and 4S. He has, ever since I started watching him in juniors, been such a lovely skater. He has given me goosebumps and happy tears. He is very tall for a single skater. If a tall skater is even the tiniest bit off in the air, he stands a much reduced chance of saving it. Consistency becomes difficult. I admire his tenacity to keep on going and offer us his beautiful lines and love of skating.
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U.S. Qualifying season is underway!
Happy 22nd Birthday today, "Romsky"! :D https://twitter.com/nigaoe877/status/1399324743036129282

Richmond B.C. article on Wesley Chiu after his successful virtual competition last weekend:
Wesley now has sights set firmly on climbing the rankings as high as possible in Canada – something his Connaught coach, Keegan Murphy, believes the 16-year-old has in his locker.
“He’s on a nice track to compete on the world level one day,” Murphy told the Richmond News.
“They key is keep him healthy, manage the body, be mindful of not overtraining him. For a 16-year-old, this (jump) is amazing, it’s a huge achievement.
“It hopefully gives Wesley a lot of confidence and a glimpse at what he can do in the years ahead.”
The pair is now hoping Wesley’s first senior mens win will be last of the virtual competitions, which only have a camera and a coach for company.
“It has been a little bit more difficult because all my life I’ve performed in front of an audience and judges,” Wesley told the News.
Up next for the Connaught team is the junior grand prix in September and October: a series of six international competitions.
“Fingers crossed we will be able to have them (in front of a live audience and judges) and (we’re) hoping Wesley will get the chance to represent Canada in these competitions,” added Murphy.
ETA a clarification:
Wesley Chiu, 16, coached & choreographed by Keegan Murphy...

His FS program to Samson & Delilah by Saint-Saëns/"I Belong to You" by Muse was his Junior free program music from this past season
Chiu's new "Vincent" SP was choreographed by Joey Russell who also choreographed the FS Chiu debuted last season.


U.S. Qualifying season is underway!
Re-posting here from the Programs & Choreographers thread:

Conrad Orzel (clip shared just now): https://www.instagram.com/p/CP3Uo-2Jekd/
FS: Warsaw Concerto by Richard Addinsell
Choreographer: Joey Russell
Nam Nguyen
SP: "That's Life" by Frank Sinatra (brought back from the 2018-19 season)
Choreographed by Tracey Robertson

FS: "Mi Mancherai" by Josh Groban feat. Joshua Bell (kept from previous season)
Choreographed by Danielle Rose

Matthew Markell posted this message with 3 photos today: https://www.instagram.com/p/CP3WW5hrs2b/
Super excited to be training here at the cricket club, with Brian Orser, Oula Jaaskelainen, Tracy Wilson and Ghislain Briand! This is a big change for me and I’m very excited to see what this next chapter brings! I will still be working with my longtime coaches @mikecoreno and @allie.hann as well as with my off ice trainer @dylanfitness101! Loving it so far and can’t wait for this upcoming season! ☺️
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U.S. Qualifying season is underway!
Side-by-side Rippon 3Lz by Matthew Markell and Joseph Phan at the Cricket Club, shared by Markell 3 days ago: https://www.instagram.com/p/CQba23Olnv9/

2 clips posted today by Markell from his new SP to "Turning Page" by Sleeping At Last, choreographed by Lance Vipond and Markell: https://www.instagram.com/p/CQjTrvULhCM/
Matthew Markell has a new FS to "Per Te " performed by Josh Groban; choreographed by Markell
Clip shared by Markell on April 2: https://www.instagram.com/p/CNK2cuDlO1j/


U.S. Qualifying season is underway!
PATINAGE QUEBEC has published the men who have met their 2021-22 criteria as of June 23 on their website here: https://patinage.qc.ca/developpement/

Équipe Excellence (1):
Joseph Phan / Senior / Brian Orser

Équipe A: none

Équipe NextGen (2):
Maksim Chelmaev / Junior / Caroline Bourdin
Anthony Paradis / Junior / Yvan Desjardins

There also are several men listed in Équipe B.

Missing/not listed: Nicolas Nadeau

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Next week the NextGen camp will be having a simulation (that includes some senior competitors), and they've put up the start orders:

Grayson Long
Iliya Kovler
Anthony Paradis
Corey Circelli
Alec Guinzbourg
Rio Morita
Matthew Newnham
Aleksa Rakic
Shohei Law
Wesley Chiu
Brendan Wong

Beres Clements


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That didn’t stop several international seniors from attending.
As I understand it, skaters have to be invited to this camp - they don't just decide to attend. Which "several" skaters have competed internationally at the senior level outside of an invite to Skate Canada?


Gogolev moved up to seniors last year (even though we never got to see him compete) so he would not have been invited to this camp.
Could Gogolev be home for the Ontario sectional series video hub? I think they can choose one in July, August, September or October as qualification to sectionals.
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Interesting to see who isn’t at the camp. No Orzel, no Michelle Lee. Lots more too many to mention.


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Skate Canada announced on Twitter today that Keegan Messing has been assigned to Nebelhorn Trophy. Are we to assume they are not interested in attempting to qualify a second spot for the Olympics?
That's not what the tweet said. It said he had won a title at the Neblehorn trophy, which he did in 2018.

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