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Stephen and Joseph were named for junior worlds. There are still TBA in the other categories, but men’s was announced right away.
I was really talking about the full range of TBAs as I expect there will be one announcement covering them all.


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I was really talking about the full range of TBAs as I expect there will be one announcement covering them all.

I'll be curious as to whether there actually is an announcement anytime soon. I seem to recall that last year, we had to wait until people showed up on entry lists. That said, Junior Worlds entries are due this week, so we should at least find out about that. (It will probably give us an indication what way Skate Canada is leaning for Worlds in ladies.)

Anyway, I realize that this is a bit off-topic of the men's entry for Worlds, but I feel like that choice is obvious, not just based off of 4CC but the season as a whole.


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Nam said in his Instagram live video after the men's LP that the Worlds announcement would be on Thursday, but I don't know how accurate that is and if that would be a public announcement or just to the athletes.


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If he does his best, hopefully a home-court advantage will secure Nam a top ten spot, and Canada, two men for 2021.

However, it's going to be a tough call up against athletes from the USA, Japan, Russia, Italy, Korea, Georgia, Latvia, the Czech Republic, and France.

My guess is he will place in the top sixteen again.

Interestingly, his point total at Four Continents would have earned him the silver medal at Europeans.

If Nam goes clean in the short, I think he will be fine.


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I don't think he'll miss the cut, and I haven't the foggiest idea if he'll make top ten. The men are too unpredictable. Skate Canada International this season says, "Yes, he'll be awesome at home with the support of the crowd, etc." Canadian Nationals says, "Or not." We just wait and see. I think it is obvious that he is in a better place as an experienced athlete than he was for years. With that comes much more perspective, but this is also a mightily pressure-filled scenario and there are so many guys in the mix. We wait & see.


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Good job from Joseph today at junior worlds. Stephan I’m still a fan, show them what you have in the free.

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