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Meanwhile her Matrix actually wasn't a bad program .

I love the Matrix music but again don't think she can pull it off :shuffle:
+1 on that. It was much more in Joubert's wheelhouse.

I don't mind Buble and I'm fine with Coldplay. There are even parts of that Moulin Rouge soundtrack that I don't mind, but really if you're going to skate to Your Song or The Show Must Go On please, for the love of god, use the originals. Freddie Mercury did not go to the trouble of singing the latter for people to use the MR version.


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I think Kaori Sakamoto's feminist LP is absolutely horrible and pure cringe from beginning to end.

Meanwhile her Matrix actually wasn't a bad program .
Interesting. I am by no means a fan of Kaori. Just not my preferred style of skating. But I think her partnership with Benoit has resulted in the perfect programs to showcase her power and her kind of style. Prior to the Matrix and this year’s Woman/Tris program it seemed she was trying to do traditional, more balletic/graceful programs that just made her look somewhat awkward and unrefined. She hasn’t really gotten more refined in her movement. Just found the perfect choreographer for her. The more modern angular movement by Benoit really fits her. I’ve enjoyed these programs because they hide her weaknesses and bring out her strengths.


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My all-time favorite Kaori program is Bach a la Jazz. The music was great and she brought a nice playfulness to it.


I'd prefer originals for most songs..there are occasional exceptions..

Coldplay has been overplayed, which is my biggest complaint about their music.

Buble is too meh. I prefer Connick.

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Buble isn't so bad when it's not the same few songs (mostly male) skaters use. :lol:

All this talk about covers vs. originals... I would LOVE to see someone skate to this one.

I'm generally forgiving of skaters overusing certain music, like Nessun Dorma, but I think this version remains my favourite.

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