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Andrey Simonenko's interview with Dmitrii Aliev

AS: Dmitrii, you are probably upset not being able to do the LP in St. Petersburg test skates. Better safe than sorry?
DA: Yes, together with the coaches we made the decision. I did have the mood and the will to go out and skate it, I understood I have to show my LP. But my leg injury made me doubt I would be able to make it right. I want to show it the way I did in the practices. But it just happened that a week before the test skate I was injuring doing a 4lz. It's not a serious one and it's healing and I was able to do the SP. Just that during the 3A that I had to save I felt some pain and then kept skating thinking I don't want to feel that pain. But it came back in the turns and the moves.

AS: Despite the pain you did what you planned.
DA: It was nice I was able to do my jumps. All and all am satisfied with the skate. But partly because of the injury I was not able to do the steps as aggressively as it should be, with the confidence that I have. The shaking caused by the pain didn't let me. I am not satisfied with that - recently I expect myself to do my best every time.

AS: Since when?
DA: Guess it just came. During the spring and the summer I participated some shows and every time I tried sharing my emotions with the crowd, but at the same time do the jumps. Indeed it's quite dangerous in the dark under the spot lights, but I do want to compete with the guys. Land one or two quads. Guess that's how it came. Perhaps it's part of growing up.

AS: During the show you and Mark Kondratuyk perform a dance lift. How did you come up with that?
DA: We want to do something fun for the audience. And who should do that if not Mark and I? So our good friend Ivan Bukin taught us the lift. We want the audience to leave the show loaded with the emotions, hence a lot of guys are trying to come up with the interesting stuff.

AS: When you asked Bukin to teach you the lift did he ask what for?
DA: It was his idea at the first place. He said `Let's do the parallel lift in the finale'. Then we started improving that lift ourselves.

AS: Back to the competitions - will you keep your LP a secret till the Moscow test skates?
DA: I was supposed to show it in the St. Petersburg test skates, but guess now I'll keep it a secret till Moscow. Will just reveal that while the SP is not a usual style for me, the LP is `mine'.

AS: What does the upcoming season mean for you? For many it's time to experiment.
DA: The coaches and I spoke about it. I said I didn't want to experiment. I want to do my things and build on that. And improve. For example when we were working on the SP I got to work with the dancer Timofei Pendik. He is a participant of various TV shows. The SP choreography is his. And he didn't even come to the rink - together with the choreographer Olga Glinka we went to his dance hall, he made the dance and we moved it to the ice. I really like the outcome. I also started doing the 4S in the shows. Previously I would only do the toeloops. Suddnely the Sal was there. I decided I should let the body and the muscles learn it so during the competitions I can land it without thinking. The summer camp was very fruitful. As always - the sparring, the competing while training - it all helped.

AS: Aren't the quads in the show an experiment?
DA: No. It's development. The experiment is when things end with a huge explosions. I don't want one.

AS: One of your training camps for the first time this year was in Armenia. How did you like a new country?
DA: I loved it. Think it's one of the best training camps in the last 6 years. The mood, the team who were there were superb. The country is amazing, it's so warm and the conditions were great. After that I went to Sochi to the show and I felt loaded. And I was able to lose weight in Yerevan.

AS: With Armenian food it must have been hard.
DA: The food is indeed very tasty. I haven't been to a place where I didn't like the food, I wanted to go back to each of them. Guess the weather helped with the weight. It was around +40C.

AS: Another huge thing during the offseason was TAT coming to St. Petersburg. Was it stressfull?
DA: Frankly, I was not nervous at all. In 2018 Olympic season she worked with me and helped with my `Masquerade' programme. It's her words I keep recalling `your programme should be like the champagne splashes'. It's so well said and only with the time I understood what she meant. She came now, I greeted her, helped her with her things from the car and was happy to welcome her in our practice. It's a good thing I was not nervous hence I was able to show what I am usually like in the practices. She gave some advice, she was even clapping on some of the elements - not only the jumps but the steps. It's nice when such people as Tarasova help you. She came especially to visit our group and it's a big deal.

AS: Tarasova's power is in her ability to put things into the words?
DA: I guess. She tells things the way the are, straight forward. And you get them. She presses all the right buttons in you.

AS: You mentioned several times how much you benefit from the trainings with Sokolovskaya's group and now another TSKA skater came - Danielian. How did you take it?
DA: When I learned Arthur wants to join our team I told Rukavitsin `Of course accept him. It's a huge boost'. It will be good for us as the athletes and for you as a coach. A new pupil, new emotions it's always a good thing. Hence I supported the coach. Besides - Arthur is a European medalist. I'm happy such an athlete came to the group. The group develops and it will be a shake for Makar Ignatov and I.

AS: The world champion in hurdling Subenkov admitted after being off the international competitions he hardly follows the sports: if you don't need me, I don't need you. Are you interested in the world that you are being expelled from?
DA: I think the humans adapt to the conditions they are given. Not only the humans, any organism. Of course I follow the international competitions. I even watched all the JPG events this year - the first 3 boys and girls. To be updated in the process. But generally I can't say am very invested in what is going on abroad. I am more interested in my upcoming season. I will participate the Russian GP events. Those are the ones I think about. A huge thanks to the Russian and St. Petersburg federation for supporting us, the athletes. I have no regrets I will not be skating abroad but in Russia. Why not? Our audience loves figure skating, the fans are great...
Though when the international GP begin I will be watching. I have my friends who I used to talk to. So I didn't turn it off. Last year it was something else that did...

AS: Will you keep in touch with your friends abroad when the season begins?
DA: I guess. I don't know yet how. I used to through the instagram, but am hardly ever there now.

AS: What is your season goal?
DA: My season is belonging to the level I am now. Not slide down. Should I jump two levels higher - to belong there.

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