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Elena Vaytsekhovskaya's interview with Rafael Arutyunyan for

The call found Arutyunyan in Tbilisi, where Chen's coach is spending his vacation
EV: Are you willing to talk about figure skating during the vacation?
RA: Of course

EV: Then a technical question: a lot of people are discussing Trusova's will to attempt a 5 revolutions jump. I recall the known coach's Raytskhn's words who 12 years ago said `If someone sets a goal to land a 5 revolutions jump and they have certain power features which can be developed it should become possible'. Do you agree?
RA: Let's break it down: assuming Trusova wants to land a 5. The immediate question is : what for?

EV: Let's assume she wants to be the first who would make it.
RA: Wants is a good enough reason. I agree with Raitsin. I think the 5 revolutions jump is possible. But what you have to take into an account is this: the danger of this jump is not the mental barrier. It's in the landing. In order to rotate 5 times the spinning should be very fast - after all the time the athlete spends in the air is limited and the amount of revolutions is defined by the rotation speed. Agree?
EV: Absolutely
RA: So that speed of rotation during the landing, if god forbid they land 1/4, as we say, ie.. underotate can twist the leg so badly the knee ligaments will be torn out. Working on that jump is certainly possible. But it might become a very hard process. You need certain qualities to work on the harness:
It has to be someone quite tall, yet someone who skates quite well so they will not bother the skater and be in the same speed with them. The 5 revolutions jump demands a longer and stronger speeding up to create the right rotating angle, also the tall specialist can afford being easier with the harness and hold it further away, which also matters. If the one who is holding the athlete on the harness is too close they limit the skaters' amplitude.
Besides, the skater who is attempting the 5 has to have a very good jumping technique. It's a must.

EV: You had a chance watching Trusova practicing. Do you reckon she is physically strong enough to attempt?
RA: Her jump is quite high and she rotates quite fast in the air. She has a good lutz and toeloop. Both jumps are possible to add another revolution if she works on that. But there is a but. All the coaches who work with the girls know: today she is jumping, tomorrow she can't figure herself out. The girls are the special creatures.
If speaking of the guys when Chen was in a good shape I saw a lot of 4T attempts where adding another revolution was possible. More than that, Nathan sometimes attempted that jump. I.e. working on it is possible and needed, but let us go back to the question: what for? The 5 revolutions jump doesn't even have an official points yet.

EV: I don't think say, Trusova, when talking about a 5 revolutions means integrating it into the programme. But she probably likes being the first to attempt a land, there is a reason she appears in the Guinness records book several times.
RA: Not quite what I meant. It's about time the 5 revolutions jump was added to the COP so everyone knows how much does it cost. What if someone lands it in a competition? What will the judges do?

EV: The quads - which demands the longest set up?
RA: Lutz. Nathan could land a 4T from one crossover. For the lutz he needed 2-3 so he could get to a point where the jump is the most convenient. If comparing to your sport - it's like the jump on the spring board. The longer the run, the double jump on the spring and the height of the jump increased. It's really the same in figure sakting.

EV: Can Malinin who you've been coaching from time to time during the years become the first to land the 5 revolutions
RA: Yes. The thing is his preparation would be a burden. It's possible to get him prepared to a jump in the way we work now, but a lot will depend on what his parents decide for him. Should Ilya work mainly on the jumps, like he did till now he is, of course, capable landing the 5 revolutions jump. Though even before that he should land a 4A. After that a 5 revolutions might not be that tough.
But I personally would like to see him developing his skating. To make it more noble. Malinin is an interesting guy. In many ways. And he needs professional people around him to show how interesting he is. Should his parents decide to keep working with me we have the specialists who can reach that goal and make Ilya's skating exclusive.

EV: Don't you want to focus on Ilya like you did with Chen?
RA: I could try, just that stopping later will be really hard.

EV: Guess I have t o ask you: when will your vacation be over?
RA: Not so soon. I'm going to Istanbul from Tbilisi, my wife Vera will come there from the USA, my kids from Moscow. Anna and Andrey are both historians, so they will give me a tour in the city. For 3 days we'll be living in a hotel with a view on the Golden horn. I'll feel like a sultan!


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I think the point is that he is seeing things from their perspective. This sheds some light on his earlier comments.

I'm a little gobsmacked that anyone is vacationing in Tbilisi right now.


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Raf is old school. He's never going to think like a modern enlightened male. It just ain't gonna happen. 🤷‍♀️ It's annoying, and I'm sure it's even more annoying when you work with him, but those who do seem to have decided that his good points are worth it.


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I think the point is that he is seeing things from their perspective. This sheds some light on his earlier comments.

I'm a little gobsmacked that anyone is vacationing in Tbilisi right now.
I didn't agree on many things with Raf back when he was "popular" and producing Olympians and champions. But now that there is a war going on, I don't see a need to pick apart what he is saying to determine whether he is "pro-Russian". Raf is just Raf. He wasn't a saint when he produced a champion; he isn't a terrible person for having unPC comments now.

Immigrants, including me, find ourselves having to choose "sides" from folks who wonder whether we see things "their way" or "our way". I'm sure most immigrants have multiple perspectives and sometimes those conflict. Often times these "you side with them comments" are rather tough on immigrants. Coz guess what, if we are talking to folks back in "motherland", they will also complain that we don't "side with them" -- whatever that means. We are always caught in the middle
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Not that it matters, because I suspect/hope Russia will be banned from ISU events for the near future, but the Russians' obsession with the quint is baffling and annoying. God forbid they focus on skating skills, proper technique, and choreography that isn't repulsive.

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