U.S. Women [#1]: The Contenders Unmask Themselves


So happy the JGP season is back!
Fan Zone article on Gabriella Izzo before she competes at U.S. Classic today:
Her passion for the City of Lights will shine through in her short program this season. She's skating to an Edith Piaf medley.
"I picked these specific songs because I fell in love with [Canada's] Kaetlyn Osmond's short program during the 2018 Olympic season," she explained. "I absolutely love French culture and the accent, the language."
The routine was choreographed by Adam Blake and they worked together to tell a story. Izzo recently got her skating costume for the piece. It's a one-shoulder dress that is eggplant in color with some black lace. "It's super romantic. It's super French," she described. "It has a belt and everything about it is like evening gown in Paris on a night out."
Izzo recently began her sophomore year at Harvard University. She has yet to officially declare a major, but she is leaning towards government with a secondary in environmental science and public policy. She's taking a pre-law route and may pursue politics or criminology. Due to the *********, Izzo spent her entire freshman year taking virtual classes. She is excited to experience campus life for the first time.


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Looking at all of the US senior ladies it seems like Alysa is the only one skating like she has something to prove. She wants it and is going out and taking it. I don't see that with the other US ladies. Maybe we'll se it with Amber and Bradie when she gets healthy but Alysa is setting herself up to be the huge favorite come Nationals.

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Congratulations to Kate Wang for the highest finish today at JGP Krasnoyarsk by a non-Russian Woman - 6th place! Her LP to Haunted Heart by Aguilera.

America’s Maryn Pierce also moves up - 10th to 8th place - with her elegant, expressive style...but also fine tech, including a 3-3 combo. Seemed like another era but I love it.
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I am really impressed with Kate Wang!! Beautiful skater. She seems so laid back and casual when she skates, and then out comes 3/3s! It's like I know the goal is to make everything look effortless, but Kate? Lol, sometimes I was thinking she could at least ACT like she's putting some effort into her program!! I like it! Yet another strong American junior. Finally!

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