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  • Yes, teacher training! I seem too young, I know. ahaha
    yes come to europe! I'm moving to Berlin in summer, to teach (I hope)
    I'm English yea. I hoped to study in Canada but it didn't happen, and I visited Russia two years ago and fell in love with what I saw!
    Hmmm.... Venus and Jelena by far, but then I also like Kim, Serena and Maria. On the mens side I prefer Djokovic. You?

    Oh and where are you from?
    This place, in comparison, is completely tame. LOL; tennis seems to attract the weirdo's with rather extreme views. Oh well, I still love watching it though
    Ah, yes, I'm Libertango on tennisforum, though I rarely post there now as it seems chock full of ABSOLUTE nutters and crazy kids. It aint much fun though I still look at it occassionally.

    Well, I know what you mean; the men seem to be handling CoP rather better than the ladies, and Takahashi is my fave too, by a long way really. His skating gets me like no-one elses. On the ladies side I'm a Miki and Laura fan.
    hey! how are youuu? did you mean you don't like the top 3 ladies or the top 3 of my thoughts? lol.
    did you enjoy the LP?
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