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Feb 23, 2018 at 6:21 PM
Aug 24, 2005
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Nottingham, England
Training to be a Psychiatrist


stolbova/klimov + james/cipres + aliev, Male, from Nottingham, England

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Viewing forum Great Skate Debate, Feb 23, 2018 at 6:21 PM
    1. arakwafan2006
      I love your avatar
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    2. kosjenka
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      2. Loves_Shizuka
        HAHHAHA. That is AMAZING! Good ole Elena. She touches all our hearts. Hvala ti!
        Feb 14, 2016
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    3. alchemy void
      alchemy void
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    4. SamuraiK
      Awesome profile pic.
    5. falling_dance
      Happy Birthday! :)
    6. muffinplus
      ESL? Haha...cool. I'm in school too, have been forever. Yeah, I'd love to... would probably need a career change first or a career, LOL

      Well, gotta go. add me to MSN if you use it.
    7. muffinplus
      I've not been to Moscow since '98...it's changed a lot apparently. I'd love to see England or anything in Europe actually. I think I'm getting bored here, but then I live in Ottawa :P

      Are you in school?
    8. muffinplus
      Kim, Jelena... Men's side... hm I don't know. Bjorn Phau? LOL, I don't know. Not really as invested in ATP on a regular basis.

      I'm from Canada & Russia. That is, I moved to Canada around 12 years ago. You are from the UK?
    9. muffinplus
      Haha...yeah, it's scary. Who are your favourite players?
    10. muffinplus
      Yeah, it's always been that way on TF!!! I remember I used to post lots more and get into arguments that would go on for days with nutcases... I got bored. My ignore list is over 100 users now. For real :lol: Just for fun... ;) It's still good to read news and stuff though. It's much less moderated than here - I think it's overmoderated here, although at least you would never get some of the horrible threads that are present there!
    11. muffinplus
      Pairs and dance - Davis & White are great ( I just started liking V&M too now... the Olympic hype was seriously turning me against them), Savchenko&Szolkowy ... I haven't followed the non-top teams :p
    12. muffinplus
      Yes, I post there... although much less than before. Well, you post in the tennis thread of course. And I don't know if I've seen you post on TF under this username. Or maybe you changed it to something else?

      I only really love Takahashi... I think he is on another level in terms of musical interpretation. I've really enjoyed him for a few years since '05-'06 when I was borderline obsessed. :lol:

      I also really liked Shawn Sawyer, but I'm not sure what's up with him, since I've not been following too much. Haven't really watched others like Rippon/abbott too much.... they seem to be very good. There seem to be a lot more interesting skaters on the men's side than the ladies.

      Ladies I think I liked Nagasu best and Makarova as well. Also have a soft spot for Ando, despite the fact that I don't really care for her skating.
    13. muffinplus
      The top 3 ladies! Well, I actually yawned my way through the ladies. :lol: I don't know... I haven't really watched fs seriously in years, and I only *really* like very few skaters these days.

      You post on tennisforum (wtaworld)?
    14. falling_dance
    15. falling_dance
      Sleeplessness: Mao. That's it. Sorry if that's creepy.

      Nervous on competition days to the point of burning an extra calorie or two while cheering: Nagasu, Kostner, Abbott (were he more consistent, he'd join Mao in the first category), Chan (now that he's dug himself into a rhetorical hole), Shen/Zhao (whatever happens, they're legends), Savchenko/Szolkowy, Virtue/Moir.

      And you? :2faced:
    16. Dr.Siouxs

      Just wanted to wish you a splendid holiday season and wish you loads of happiness and voids in all your coming days. Do try and stay safe, however (not too much :nopryde: and :skandal, k?) ;)

    17. falling_dance
      1) Alas, no. The first city distance tool I found on Google tells me that I am 900 miles from the New York-Ontario border at Niagara Falls.

      2) I'm going to make a point of commending my favorite skaters' sweet edges from now on.
    18. stillalive
      hey there are all things good over there?
      I'm fine :=)
    19. icedance21
    20. Dr.Siouxs
      "Sucking on my titties like you wanted me
      calling me all the time like Blondie
      check out my cushy behind
      it's fine all of the time
      like sex on the beaches
      what else is in the teaches of peaches??????
    21. falling_dance
    22. falling_dance
      Happy Birthday, L_S! :rockstar:
    23. Dr.Siouxs
      Hey I double dare you to ask one of the mods to change the title to "TOTOTOT and the Half Blood Tranny" :watch::sekret:
    24. mella
      that's a shame - but Belgrade sounds interesting. Holiday or work? I'm in South East London (near Crystal Palace). I've heard of SOAS but don't know a huge amount about it- what did you study?
    25. mella
      Definitely not enough of us on here, but I'm learning more than we think sometimes as well. I'm a Londoner. Am on a crusade at the moment to try a get more Brits to TEB this year - you coming? What about Nationals?
    26. mella
      I certainly am! ;) Hello!
    27. icedance21
      Some interesting places to visit in the USA that you haven't visited before:
      Chicago, Illinois for sure

      anywhere in Hawaii - Maui, Oahu, Kauai

      Key West, Florida (about 150 miles away from Miami) - this is a tourist haven and contains the southernmost point of the continental U.S. - this city is closer to Havana, Cuba than it is to Miami

      Las Vegas, Nevada

      Denver, Colorado

      Arizona for the Grand Canyon/Phoenix/Tucson
    28. falling_dance
      I suggest that you go for it. Apologies if you've mentioned this already, but have you ever visited the US before?
    29. Dr.Siouxs
      "embarrassment" is the correct spelling. :saint:
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    Nottingham, England
    Training to be a Psychiatrist
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    “Freedom is the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.” George Orwell
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