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Stepanova/Bukin, Schevchenko/Eremenko will not be able to participate in the 4th Cup of Russia, due to the quarantine. The reason is: one of their coaches has been diagnosed with ******* and the whole group is in quarantine.
The above is from the From Russia With Love thread.

Not to sound like a broken record, but this season . . . :wall:. I hope both teams & the others at their rink stay healthy + best wishes for their coach.


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Amusing clue in this morning's Washington Post crossword: "Leap for Tessa Virtue." :)

I have a bit of a Twitter acquaintance with the puzzle creator (he's been very nice about giving me hints when I beg for them), so I just gave him a gentle hint about which kinds of skaters leap and which kinds don't. Figured he'd want to know for next time.


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Tweeted today by "the only Spanish media specialized in figure skating on ice" (clip):

We are pleased to show you in action the new junior dance couple formed Èrika Riera & Raman Balanovic. Here you can see a preview of their RD. This duo trains at CSG Lyon with Olivier Schoenfelder, Muriel Zazoui, Marien de la Asuncion, Emi Hirai and Neil Brown.

May 4, 2020 article about the new team (he is from Belarus and they will be able to compete in 2021-22):
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Crossposting from the "Kana Muramoto and Daisuke Takahashi Cheer" thread

Video of them practicing both the FD and RD in Florida in preparation for the NHK Trophy

Charlène and Marco took part in a short, fun interview for the FISG, answering true or false questions about ice dance, some are serious and some are for fun. Here's the link to the video (in Italian) on the FISG Instagram:

As a bit of fun, to practise my Italian, I've attempted a translation. Many apologies if there are any errors, I'm still learning! Any translator's notes appear in [square brackets]:

Is it true that ice dancers have to have a foundation in ballet?
Marco: In some ways, this is a myth to dispel [false]; ballet certainly helps a lot and almost all ice dancers practice it sooner or later, but to do ice dance it is not necessary to have a foundation in ballet or to have had some lessons before starting skating or first beginning the sport.

Is ice dancing only practised in pairs [couples]?
Charlène: Ice dancing is not only practiced in pairs. More often, yes, but there are also singles [solo ice dance] in many countries. For example, in France, they also make national competitions for it [solo dance] more important, but it is true that it is mainly done in pairs.

Is it true that most of the ice dance couples are in a relationship?
Marco (joking): No, this is absolutely not true, no ice dancers stay together [off the ice].
Charlène (also joking): What do you mean, ‘No’!?
Marco: Since in dance there is a lot of interaction and there is a great complicity, from the outside it may often seem that the partners are together in their private life. In reality, there are not so many couples [together off the ice], we are an exception, in the sense that there are not many couples who are also together in everyday life, but in some cases, as in ours, it can happen.
Charlène: The others are just really good actors!

Is it true that ice dancers devote more time to hair and makeup than singles skaters?
Marco: I would say yes.
Charlène (laughing): Even though it only took me an hour to get ready this morning.

Is it true that it is the man who makes all the effort in lifting?
Marco (joking): Certainly!
Charlène: Certainly not!
Marco: It's not true. The lady has to help the man a lot because, if not, she would be a dead weight and it would be very difficult to do what we do, so, in reality, it is 50/50.


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On Ice Perspectives just started a livestream with some of the Gadbois teams
Thanks! Yesterday I bumped up the IAM LIVE thread and posted the 3 YT links starting here:

Estonia's Junior team of Darja NETJAGA / Marko Jevgeni GAIDAJENKO (ISU bio: have split - she is listed on IPS as of 11/22/20.

Hungary's Junior team of Villo MARTON / Danyil SEMKO ( have split - both are listed on IPS as of this month.
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Article by Nick Zaccardi on Daisuke Takahashi's transition to ice dance with Kana Muramoto ahead of their debut at NHK Trophy:
Takahashi has told Zoueva that he didn’t think the transition would be this difficult. In particular, weight training is key to develop the strength to lift Muramoto, who is just one inch shorter, for up to 12 seconds at a time during their programs.
“He never worked off ice in his upper body because for singles it’s not necessary,” Zoueva said. “You have to be light, narrow [in singles]. In ice dance, lift is most difficult part, right? He started work off ice for upper body. His shoulders are now bigger. He has a narrow waist. The body looks gorgeous.”
Zoueva stressed, no matter the result, to give the partnership time.
“The quality will come after at least 14, 16 months,” she said. “If they will train how they did right now and improve how they improved like every day [this year], they seriously could fight for podium at Olympics. For now, what they are, it’s very hard to say.”


NHK asked former ice dancer & choreographer Kenji Miyamoto to explain the discipline of ice dancing to Japanese fans:
On Muramoto/Takahashi's debut at NHK Trophy:
I haven't seen the two of them skating properly yet, so I have no idea what they are looking forward to (laughs), but I'm looking forward to that as well. In addition to being a new couple, it is inevitably expected that Takahashi, a player with both ability and popularity, will be the first year to switch from single to ice dance.

I have exchanges with Takahashi both publicly and privately, but I'm really looking forward to seeing what kind of performance he will perform in ice dancing, which is gorgeous, expressive, and skating.
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