U.S. Figure Skating Hall of Fame Inductees Class of 2023: Maia Shibutani/Alex Shibutani and Paul E. George


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I thought this deserved its own thread.

Thank you to @Rukia for pointing this out in the Shibutani thread.

Ice dancers Maia and Alex Shibutani lead the U.S. Figure Skating Hall of Fame Class of 2023 after having been elected in their first year of eligibility. The Shibutanis are joined by Paul E. George, the president and trustee of the U.S. Figure Skating Foundation and longtime contributor to the sport.

“I am honored to officially announce the U.S. Hall of Fame Class of 2023,” said Richard Dalley, Chair of the Hall of Fame Nominating Committee. “Maia and Alex have left an indelible mark through their many achievements, while Paul George’s leadership has helped support U.S. Figure Skating through the solid work of the Foundation.”

Brief Snip of the Shibs' write-up:

The two-time Olympians and three-time World medalists (2011 bronze, 2016 silver and 2017 bronze) set a level of excellence throughout their entire 14-season career, earning medals at each of their 14 U.S. Championships at every level in which they competed. The Shibutanis won eight U.S. senior medals and are two-time U.S. senior champions (2016-17).

At the 2018 Olympic Winter Games in PyeongChang, the Shibutanis earned two bronze medals, first as Team USA’s sole ice dance entry in the team event and then in the individual event. The medals are historic in that the Shibutanis are the first athletes of Asian descent and only non-white team to earn an Olympic ice dance medal.
In total, the Shibutanis earned 15 medals in the ISU Grand Prix Series working with coach Marina Zoueva and others throughout their career.

<snip> They were a lot of firsts <snip>

Off the ice, the siblings are involved in charity work and have been prominent faces in addressing hate crimes against Asians and Pacific Islanders. They have received the 2020 Asia Society Game Changer Award, been honored on the Gold House A100 List and were the 2022 Parade Marshals of the Nisei Week Grand Parade in Los Angeles.

In 2016, the Shibutanis were named Sports Envoys with the U.S. Department of State Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs and led outreach activities in South Korea (2017), Japan (2018, ’19) and Singapore (2018). The Shibutanis continue to actively support many organizations, including Right To Play, charity: water, When We all Vote, Figure Skating in Harlem, the Scott Hamilton CARES Foundation and Kristi Yamaguchi’s Always Dream Foundation, among others.

Paul E. George's Write-up excerpt:
Among George’s most notable contributions has been through his long-term leadership as president and trustee of the U.S. Figure Skating Foundation from 2003-22. Under his leadership, the Foundation has grown several times from its modest beginnings. Since 2008, the Foundation has contributed more than $45 million to athletes and vital U.S. Figure Skating programs.


A 60-year member of The Skating Club of Boston, in 2022 George received the inaugural Mary Louise and Benjamin T. Wright Award for his service to the Club, U.S. Figure Skating and the U.S. Olympic Movement. A competitive skater in his youth, he competed in three U.S. Championships and was the 1962 U.S. junior pairs champion and Eastern Senior pairs champion with his sister, Elizabeth. They were coached by two-time U.S. Hall-of-Fame member Maribel Vinson Owen.


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Wonderful news! Of course they're getting inducted during the US Nats in San Jose that I am not attending, LOL :lol:


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2019 SOI was the last time we saw the Shibs perform in any professional capacity.

Daft Punk’s “Doin it Right”/“Technologic”/“Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger” choreo by Jeff Buttle:


Coldplay’s “Us Against the World”/“Life in Technicolor II”/“Every Teardrop is a Waterfall” choreo by Maia and Alex Shibutani.

Alt. Video because music stopped working on the first one for the first half just now.

Rewatching these programs more than three years later made me realize that the Daft Punk could have easily been adapted to the 2021-22 Midnight Blues/Street Dance RD. They even did steps in-between their twizzles 😂.

As for their second program, I think the music edit and choreography was actually much better than their 2018 “Paradise” one and could have been a much better program even though “Paradise” was a huge hit with the casual Olympic audiences and won them two GPs and kept their two season-long streak of being on the podium with Virtue/Moir and Papadakis/Cizeron.

It’s a shame Maia’s cancer prevented them from doing more shows and other programs because they looked really good back in 2019 and skated with a lot of freedom and command.

ETA: I added a second video of the second program because the music in the first half of the first video went mute just now. I swore it worked before I posted it here.
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Top 10 Figure Skaters of 2010s 1. Javier Fernandez 2. Meryl Davis/Charlie White 3. Maia Shibutani/Alex Shibutani 4. Yuzuru Hanyu 5. Tessa Virtue/Scott Moir


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Copying over from the Shibutanis' fan thread:

IDC's article (Feb. 7):
Hall of Fame ceremony photos in San Jose (Jan. 28, 2023): https://photos2.ice-dance.com/2022-23/23USN/HOF/

Fan Zone article (March 14) by @Jayar:

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