The 2nd annual "what music would you suggest to skaters that has not been overused or used (lately) in competition? thread


Since the Programs/Choreographers thread already is underway in GSD, here's the place to suggest/discuss program music you hope or wish skaters will consider for their competitive programs in the 2019-20 season.

ICYMI, a separate thread for 2019-2020 Broadway/Musical/Operetta Rhythm Dance Suggestions has been up and running since last year.

Link to the 1st annual "what music would you suggest to skaters that has not been overused or used (lately) in competition?" thread from last year:


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Reposting from 1st annual thread. Thanks for starting a new thread, @Sylvia :)
If someone is looking for something off the beaten track (Piper and Gilles?)... I present Shockheaded Peter

I saw it off Broadway and remembered a father taking his kids out of the theatre even before the first intermission. It's a bit dark.

Music is from the Tiger Lillies "This cult British trio has been described as the forefathers of Brechtian Punk Cabaret. They have a unique sound and style which merges the macabre of pre-warBerlin with the savage edge of punk."


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I'll add in some classical choices. If any of these have been used, I've not been aware of it:

Vitali: Ciaccona in G Minor, for violin and orchestra:

Schubert: Fantasy in F Minor for piano, four hands, D. 940:

Any of the orchestral suites (not ballet suites)
Symphony #3 in D Major, Op. 29 (the one that's almost never performed):
Festival Overture on the Danish National Anthem, Op. 15:

Bizet: Patrie Overture, Op. 19:

Schumann: Piano Concerto in A Minor, Op. 54:

Kurt Atterberg:
Intermezzo for string orchestra:
Suite for violin, viola and strings:


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Can’t take my eyes off of you from the
Jersey Boys but not for dance for a free skate short program


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The music is a very important part of figure skating and good musical interpretation is one of the things that can draw me instantly into a performance.

There are some beautiful pieces of music I would absolutely love to see someone use but I am not sure which skater they would be a best match for:


Pictures at an Exhibition by M. Musorgsky (it has been used by a few skaters but quite overlooked; both the orchestral and piano version are majestic):

Symphony No 2 by Alexander Borodin:

Beethoven Symphony 7, 2nd movement:

Le Tombeau de Couperin - Maurice Ravel:

Gershwin Piano Concerto in F (yes, Yuna set the bar pretty high with this one but it would be nice to see the other parts used as well; such a lovely concerto):

Has anyone besides Nathan Chen used any part of The Rite of Spring in their programs? Not an easy piece to interpret, maybe, but it would be awesome to see someone try it

Movie soundracks and others:

The themes of Chariots of Fire and The Truman Show are some of my favorite ones; they are a bit monotonous for a skating program but I have always imagined how wonderful it would be if someone tried them:

Also this song by Czechoslovak progressive rock band Blue Effect:

ETA. A fantastic rendition of Two Tribes by Frankie Goes to Hollywood, one of the greatest and most awesome "one hit wonder" bands to ever exist, not only from the 80s ones:
Off the top of my head I think only Laetitia Hubert has used "Relax" for one of her programs, which i cannot find anywhere. Has anyone else skated to that band?
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I'm ready for more Requiem for a Dream. It's been awhile since we've had a good one. I particularly like the cuts in Castile/Okolski's version from 2007.

And I am very hopeful that we will see a good Rent program in the RD.

I also wouldn't mind more skaters tackling the Harry Potter theme, maybe Tarasova/Morozov. :saint: Beatrisa Liang had a good SP to it in 2005.


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I am into the show Medici and really like the soundtrack. A few of the episodes involve Simonetta Vespucci who was a muse for the Boticelli's The birth of Venus and other works of art.
I think either Alena Kostornaia or Satoko Miyahara would do an amazing job skating to this music:

They can make a costume based on what Simonetta wore in some of the portraits: of Simonetta Vespucci-2.jpg with an elaborate hairdo with beads.

Problem is, with Alena, I don't trust Gleykh to do this music justice and not to cram it with flailing and busywork. Too bad, because her gorgeous SS, carriage and classical looks make her perfect for this program.


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Ed Sheeran- Supermarket Flowers would be a lovely program.

Ragtime Symphonic Suite (trimmed way down of course!) from the broadway cast recording

More Alanis please too.


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I would pay $1000 to see Yuzuru Hanyu skate to this. Because I think he could actually do it.

Sure, it's possible for certain skaters to skate to anything. But this Manson selection? Uh, maybe without the lyrics? :drama: Pooh Bear's Little Prince is sure to find the mind of Marilyn Manson a bit OTT don't you think. :COP: This music is not exactly next level for someone who already has two Olympic gold medals. Something experimental, edgy and extraordinary, perhaps, but not extreme madness.


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Kacey Musgraves, Janelle Monae and any Nina Simone that’s not Feeling Good.

:cool: I would add Sade: Sade's Greatest Hits, feat No Ordinary Love & Smooth Operator

Re Nina Simone, there are so many classics to choose from besides Feeling Good and I Put a Spell on You Nina Simone Greatest Hits, Vol 1 :swoon:
This rendition of Lilac Wine is absolutely exceptional by Simone:
And Jeff Buckley was so amazingly inspired by Simone to create this version:

Maybe an ice dance team or pair team would find something of value in
2005 Pride & Prejudice soundtrack
One of the best movie versions of any Jane Austen novel (next to Sense & Sensibility), and perhaps one of the top two best filmed versions of Pride & Prejudice, if not the best


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Kenji Kawai - Cinema Symphony - Ghost In The Shell OST

Reincarnation -- KENJI KAWAI

Kenji Kawai - Mezame no Hakobune - 百禽 HYAKKIN

Kenji Kawai - Mezame no Hakobune - 狗奴 KU-NU


AKIRA soundtrack - Geinoh Yamashirogumi - "Kaneda"

AKIRA soundtrack - Geinoh Yamashirogumi - "Requiem"

Geinoh Yamashirogumi - Ecophony Rinne (Full Album)


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With "Episode IX" coming out I'd love "Star Wars" programs with some of the newer soundtracks -- "Rogue One" has some beautiful music.

I can totally picture Mariah Bell skating to "The Lark Ascending." It's been a few years since we've had a good one of those.

And whether or not Karen Chen is back, I really liked her "Slow Dancing in the Big City" (which Yuka Sato also used and ditched, ironically).

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